When we think about European motorbikes, we typically think of Spain and Italy because of their bespoke-branded motorbikes. However, there are many other motorcycle manufacturers in the EU that are worth their weight in recognition. For example, KTM is Austrian, and Germany is home to the renowned BMW Motorrad. Whether you’re a Ducati fanboy, Piaggio player, or anything in between, enjoy the following discussion of the top European motorbike brands.

Ducati Motor Holding S.P.A

We start our exploration with Ducati in Bologna, Italy – the Ferrari of the motorbike world. They come in beautiful red, they’re super speedy, and they’re as expensive as they come. This giant brand started as a humble family business in 1926 when Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his sons made small mechanical parts. The next step in the process took place in the 1930s when they mounted an engine onto a bicycle. By the time 1950 came around, they evolved this into a motorbike and became the poster child for enthusiasts.

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Here comes another Italian motorbike manufacturer, in the shape of Aprilia. During World War II, Alberto Beggio began building bicycles before switching directions and engineering scooters and motorcycles. By the 1990s, Aprilia had begun manufacturing race-worth motorbikes, and today they create some of the most prestigious competitive bikes around.

BMW Motorrad

BMW doesn’t really need any introduction because they’re world-renowned for manufacturing cars with luxury and speed in mind. However, they weren’t always part of the automobile industry, as their roots were found in WWI aircraft manufacturing. Their first motorbike was built in 2023, and they’re still going strong almost 100 years later, which is an impressive feat by any measure.

Moto Guzzi

Italian motorbike brand Moto Guzzi has been building bikes since 1921, which makes them among the first in the industry. Being around for such a long time has allowed Moto Guzzi to take motorbike manufacturing from strength to strength, with innovations including wind tunnels, eight-cylinder engines, and a centre stand.

MV Augusta

Italy is a clear leader when it comes to European motorbike manufacturing, with MV Augusta coming fifth on our list. Founded in 1945, this brand is responsible for some of the world’s most stylish and exotic motorbikes. However, when you mix highly stylized motorbikes with outstanding performance, you’re reaching the top-tier when it comes to affordability – or lack thereof.


Moving away from Italy and into Austria, you will find KTM, which made a name for itself by creating off-road dirt bikes. However, if you take a look at their more recent motorbikes, you’ll find an eclectic selection of street-worthy motorbikes including the Duke.

When it comes to European motorbikes, Italian manufacturers are a clear winner, especially with the likes of Ducati and Piaggio being birthed there. However, countless other valuable players are well worth your exploration.