About Us

This is who we are here at TotallyMotor, and by way of describing our personalities; which car we’d be, if we were a car, and not human beings…Daniel Anslow is the Editor here at TotallyMotor.co.uk

Dan Anslow is a seasoned motoring journalist with more than a decade of experience.
He’s written for some of the best-selling and most popular car magazines and websites in the world – Max Power, Top Gear and Used Car Buyer – to name but a few.

At weekends you’ll find him at car shows and motorsport events all over the country having driven there in the latest hot hatch, or perhaps in something a little less hot but just as fun from his fleet of the weird and wonderful.

It’s unlikely that he hasn’t either driven it, owned it, bought it or sold it – petrol certainly runs through this chap’s veins. It is his mission, via the pages of TotallyMotor, to make the car-buying-lives of the man and woman in the street as easy, well-informed and exciting as possible.

Georgia Lewis is the News Editor

Georgia Lewis grew up in Bathurst, the home of Australian motorsport – here she became torn between her love for Peter Brock, the late, great Holden racer (that’s Vauxhall, for British readers…) and her love of the thumping design lines of the rival Ford Falcon V8s.

She did the world a favour on her first-ever driving lesson by writing off her father’s custard yellow 12-year-old Volvo 240 GL but then went on to pass her driving test (after failing a couple for breaking the speed limit in true revhead style). In between studying for her journalism degree, she worked as a Pizza Hut driver and, on one Bathurst race weekend, delivered, you guessed it, Peter Brock a pizza. He gave her a $10 tip.

About 10 years later, Georgia found herself, to her absolute delight, editing a car magazine in the Dubai after sitting next to the right person at a boozy lunch. This was also when she discovered the joy of driving gas-guzzling SUVs in the desert. She then went on to write about cars for a newspaper in Abu Dhabi – a job that led to her getting behind the wheel of everything from a Renault Sandero to a Bugatti Veyron.

These days, she lives and works in London and while she catches the Tube more often than she drives, her love of all things motoring remains undimmed. However, she may have to buy something electric or hybrid after leaving behind the world of cheap petrol and big cars in the Middle East.

Tim Saunders, road tests and features contributor

Tim Saunders is writer, author and journalist who has interviewed Ian Ogilvy, The Saint for the Expat Daily Telegraph as well as Peter Hain MP when he was Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in 2008 (pictured above) for the Bournemouth Daily Echo. Tim has also interviewed celebrities including Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley, the British actress Hannah Gordon and Ricky Tomlinson from BBC TV comedy The Royle Family. Tim has written three local history books about Hampshire.

He is Motoring Correspondent for The Forester newspaper in Gloucester and writes a regular column in The Business magazine in Dorset and Hampshire. He regularly contributes test drive reports to numerous newspapers, magazines and motoring websites covering Northern Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey.