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You may not have experience writing professionally, but you can churn out great articles, you are invited to write for our site, just give it your best, we open our doors to promising sharp writers to contribute as guest writers. Writing for Totally Motor will give you an opportunity to test your stamina and help sharpen your writing skill.

As a guest writer, you will work with high-level editors who will provide you with specific, helpful pointers and guidance to assist you to acclimatise with writing on diverse, fascinating issues that deliver your thoughts to other people. Guest writing for Totally Motor gives the platform to penetrate our conventional society and get your articles read by new people and thus giving you a new audience.

You can be a part of our contributors, your articles being ending up being read by millions who access our website globally transforming lives with stimulating, instructive and optimistic writing.

Expert Writers are Welcome to Write for Our Website

Exciting ideas and contributions from experienced writers would greatly profit our readers and general society. Totally Motor readers take pleasure in reading various subjects, perspectives and writing styles contributed by different authors.  A new and untainted group of readers will also benefit the expert writer by linking him with new members of the society.

Write for Us – What Totally Motors Expect

Take time to go through the articles on our website to acquaint yourself with our writing style and structure to make sure your material will be accepted before you send in your work

The material you submit must be original, instructive, written solely for us and not available anywhere else. We take breach of copyright very seriously and verify all articles submitted to us so please mention the source of any quotes. Submitting for publication proposals published before is not acceptable; however, you can ask for permission to publish your old articles published with us on your personal site.

Before submitting, proofread your work to correct grammar, punctuation and spelling, errors; a wonderful article can be rendered unreadable by these mistakes.  Making your article SEO ready by optimizing the important words that would be used to seek for writing on the topic you are writing. Create a killer heading and write your first line with the most pertinent and attention-grabbing information at the top of the article.

Proposed articles ranging between 500 and 1500 words are acceptable from guest writers and should also contain important, useful links and pictures, if suitable. Items bearing visual content such as original photographic imagery hold the attention and motivate the reader holding their attention and causing them to read more of what the content contains.

Please Get in Touch with Totally Motors, If You Are Interested in Writing for Us

You can easily publish your article and reach thousands of readers globally with your message. Send your guest article by email to Email for a chance to join our list of guest writers.

You can also call our supportive staff on Phone for answers to any queries, further information on how to submit your written article and become a contributor to our site. As a space for people across the international development sector to share knowledge, ideas and experience, we encourage you to write for us and engage in debate on the site.

Sharing your thoughts, successes and failures, and discussing current issues, challenges and opportunities is a great way to strengthen our community and make sure the development sector has its finger on the pulse. Everyone can gain from the sharing of best practice and lessons learned, so don’t be shy – join the discussion on the things you feel passionately about.

We aim to publish engaging and accessible content that is useful for the development community. If you have a particular area of professional expertise, a personal interest in a relevant topic, or want to share experiences, best practice or practical tips, contribute to the Bond blog.

Send us a short post of around 500 words, or, if the subject is particularly meaty, write a more in depth piece of up to 1,000 words.

Writing for the web

People read differently online. Here are a few practical tips you might want to consider:

  • Summarise early on. Start with the most important information, then provide additional details and examples to grab your readers’ attention before they lose interest.
  • Be direct. Use the active voice to make the message clear.
  • Use plain English and avoid jargon, acronyms and language that is overly technical or academic.
  • Use short words, sentences and paragraphs. Avoid overly-complicated sentences with multiple clauses and express one idea per paragraph.
  • Use bullets and numbered lists  – they are more inviting than a big chunk of text.
  • Use sub headings to break up the text and direct people to what they want to read.
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