If you’ve parked your vehicle somewhere, you can feel quite confident about where you stationed your vehicle. However, that sense of certainty can soon fade as the day passes or the car park gets full.

It’s common to draw a blank when trying to find your car. Even when memory is a game of all or nothing, there will always be the chance that, occasionally, it’ll be the latter. Finding your car can be particularly challenging if the car park is a sprawling labyrinth of vehicles, too. Here are some ways to make finding your car an easier process.

Personalise The Vehicle

Some vehicles can be so ‘you’ that they become difficult to overlook entirely, even when parked amongst many vehicles. Someone will always have the same make and model, but if you can add distinct ‘accents’ to the vehicle, you may be able to spot it sooner.

For example, securing private number plates can make your car more distinct and recognisable. Regtransfers is the largest supplier of these stylish additions, making finding and purchasing them easy and safe. They have over a million satisfied customers, and all you need to do to get the ball rolling is enter your name, initials, and favourite numbers in their search box. If you want to sell later, you can gain a free, no-obligation valuation for private number plates from their expert team too.

If your favourite colour is somewhat niche, consider repainting your car in that shade. Alternatively, you could add other details such as bumper stickers, roof racks, or anything else that helps you quickly identify your car.

Use Your Phone

Your smartphone is more than a communicative or social media checking device. It has many other important functions too, and can help you find your car!

Many quality GPS trackers can relay your car’s information to an app on your phone. That way, you can enjoy real-time updates about where to find your car or receive notifications in the event of any suspicious movements. Of course, many people use these technologies as a safeguard against theft, but if you’ve lost your car, it can be used in those simpler circumstances too!

Of course, with a GPS tracker you can also review and plan your routes, dodging places where you may be more prone to losing your car or avoid parking in those same places again. In the end, GPS trackers can be a multipurpose tool helping you with forgetfulness and more!

Additionally, it may be a good idea to photograph where you’ve parked, or the level of the car park you’re on, for extra assurances. Do this if you know you do occasionally forget things!

Learn About Your Key Fob

Key fobs are highly useful tools. Make sure yours is in working order. Pressing the panic button on these instruments will trigger your car’s alarm, allowing you to locate it. Make sure there is a working battery in your key fob. Remember that you need to be in range of your car for it to work, too.

Try to use this as a last resort. After all, it’s not convenient for others around you if you park in a quiet popular area and return to the vehicle late at night.