It’s easy to make a quick decision of becoming a bike owner and it is even easier to forget the crucial aspects associated with it. However, sooner or later, one has to get acquainted with everything necessary. Here is a guide for the first steps of your biking adventure. It contains the fundamental knowledge for beginning the most fun and thrilling journey of your life.

The Decision 

Now when you have decided to buy a motorcycle, one thing you must ponder over is the What-Why aspect. Think why do you want a bike? What kind of a rider do you want to be? Because the final decision of choosing a motorbike will be based on that. It will help in deciding the type of motorbike you are going to get. Don’t take a decision just to look cool in front of your friends, or to be famous amongst girls, or to validate yourself in front of your dad. Decide if you are going to be a stunt rider, commuter, speed-o-maniac, or a road trip rider?

All potential riders have these dreamy ideas about riding. The expectations are not other than doing those wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts but the reality is somewhat contradictory. The stunts remain in the imagination. Be practical and reasonable while making the decision.

Let’s assume, the purpose to buy the motorcycle is commuting on daily basis. For that specific purpose, a good bike has to be comfortable, nimble and lightweight for obvious reasons. It also should have a decent fuel economy. Fuel costs do matter and that is why it has to be bang for the buck.

Think if you will get time from your college or office to ride your bike on the twisty roads. Most of the times, busy schedules reduce the purpose for bikes up to commuting. If that is going to happen, there is no point of buying the sports bike. Sports Bikes are awesome indeed, the shiny outlooks and mind-blowing functioning, but figuring out your utility is important. From your feasibility to the weather conditions, consider every aspect affecting your biking experience. Living in a region too cold or too hot also makes it difficult to ride.

A New Journey

Buying a motorcycle is not getting just ownership; it is the beginning of a journey. It is definitely a huge addition to one’s pride, and surely gives a feeling of elevation from rest of the people/friends around you but there is more to it. It will be a journey which will gradually turn you into a more responsible and mature version of yourself. Your bike will become your soulmate and the rides will not be ‘on’ the bike but ‘with’ the bike.

The need of care for a motorcycle is not less than a responsibility, the maintenance and fuelling is a regular job that must be done timely. So ask yourself twice if you will be able to fulfil your duties not as a rider, but as an owner of a motorcycle?

First Step after getting the Motorcycle

Without giving a second thought, get yourself at the learning school and obtain a driving license. Different bikes have different functioning systems; it takes time to get hold of it. It is a proven fact that most of the accidents happen to new practising riders and you don’t want to be one the suffering. Give it time, learn and practice because no one is a born rider.

Time for some necessary gear

Biking doesn’t end with investing a stunning bike, there is a lot more. Gears are the necessary types of equipment to make your rides safe and pleasing. Apart from that, they make you look super cool! The gears make seem a little restrictive but this doesn’t make less important. Gears do not help you overcome accidents or avoid accidents but they minimize the range of the harm done. These gears include a helmet, riding gloves, motorcycle specific jacket, appropriate boots, and protection pants. There is a wide range of variety for all of them. Depending on your budget, you can get these.

The Primemost Gear

The helmet is the foremost gear that one should consider buying. It is given the top priority because it is given it saves the most crucial part of the body, i.e. the brain. Good quality with great resistance must be the idea while buying a helmet. These days one can find extensive varieties of awesome motorcycle helmets in various stores, offline as well as online. Buying the perfect helmet is a thought-consuming task. Don’t buy a helmet for the sake of it, after all, it’s going to save your brain in a wreck. An appropriate helmet is the one which fits your brain perfectly, it is not loose anywhere and there is no risk of it falling off. A loosely fitted helmet won’t be able to protect you appropriately. It is advisable to not buy helmets online because the size of the head may become an issue. Go to shops around you, try them on and select the one with the best fit and quality.

The Other Significant Gears

Rests of the gears are of equal importance, Gloves are necessary for the intense cold weather. Not wearing them or wearing ordinary gloves can have serious repercussions. Some people think that these are limited to fashion purposes and that’s where they go wrong! They mistake the specific Motorbike gear with general jackets and gloves. Normal boots aren’t biking boots, Ordinary jackets aren’t biking jackets, a pair of denim is not biking pants! They can surely not protect you in case of any contingency. Also, the weather conditions must be checked before buying a jacket. If you live in a humid region, do not get a leather-based jacket because rashes are something that you don’t want!

If these gears are specifically made for biking purposes, they do have some unique feature in them to qualify as motorcycle gears. We suggest you go yourself to the shops to touch and try these gears in person. Though it takes time to gear yourself up as the saying goes, ”better late than never”. Wear all the necessary gear before riding your motorcycle.

Summing Up

Motorcycles do give a sense of freedom and the most thrilling experiences but do not forget that there are an equal amount of dangers associated with riding. Make sure you include the costs of the necessary safety gears in the overall budget. Do not let your excitement overpower these key elements. Ensure everything that has been mentioned, and there you are ready to conquer the roads!