For real car enthusiasts, knowing that 30,000 parts go into the making of their car is just not enough. There is always room for add-ons.

The automotive aftermarket thrives with replacement parts and car accessories that can make your ride smoother and more convenient. This list includes top accessories that are must-haves for regular commutes, distant travels, and emergencies.

Torque Wrench

Torque wrenches are a vital component in your toolbox. These torque wrenches help in tightening the nuts and bolts to a precise degree.

They are just the thing that prevents you from under-doing or over-doing a screw. If you are one for DIY car repairs, then this accessory is something you cannot afford to miss. These torque wrenches come in various sizes for different applications.

Jump Starter

Jumper cables are useful only when you have a stranger car willing to give you the necessary push. However, while travelling long distances, you might come across isolated stretches. A self-powered jump starter comes in handy at such times. Some of them also come with USB ports to charge cell phones and other portable devices.

Cushion Seats With in-built Massager

Seats are the weakest point in economy cars. Even the shortest commutes can stress your shoulders or strain your back. You can say goodbye to this pain and discomfort by investing in seat cushions. There are a number of customizable options in the market including programmable massagers and heating.

Dashboard Camera

Sometimes a video can make a serious difference in fast forwarding the claims process. Most insurers accept dashboard camera videos to validate an accident claim. This is a sound investment even if you are the safest driver. You can also use it to record stunning landscapes while travelling.

Tire Air Pressure Gauge

There are several benefits of keeping the tires well inflated. Apart from reducing the risk of a puncture, it also gives better gas mileage and traction.

There are a number of innovative pressure gauges available in the market that will change colour when a tire is low on air. You can also buy the latest wireless pressure monitoring device that allows you to monitor tire air pressure 24/7 without physically checking it.

Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

With cold season around the corner, these accessories are a must-have in your car. Unless you are the kind of person who likes to make a small hole in the windshield to look through, a good snow brush is critical. You can even invest in a heavy-duty Thermal Ice Scraper for stubborn ice accumulation.


A good and handy pair of shovels is important if you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall. Shovels are useful in removing mud as well. Make sure you buy a durable, foldable shovel which can be folded neatly and stowed away in the boot.

Car Finder

All of us have that frustrating moment when we cannot find our car in an over-populated parking lot. Car finders make it easy with Bluetooth alarms and sensors that blare at the touch of a button. There are some sophisticated devices in the market that allow for tracking through a cell-phone app as well.

Key Finder

What do you do when you cannot locate your car keys? Choose a good key finder and bid adieu to that frequent ritual of rummaging through the depths of your laundry basket and couch crevices for the car keys when you are getting late for work. A key finder can assist in locating your keys through sensors and Bluetooth devices.

High Power Escape Tool

This is one tool you should hope you never need. However, it is important that you keep a high power escape tool complete with a hammer tip and recessed seatbelt cutter. This handy device could make the vital difference in helping you escape swiftly from a wrecked car. Make sure to keep it in an easily accessible place within your vehicle.

High-Speed Multi Charger

Lastly, you need some juice to power up all your other hi-tech devices. A standard 12V port might only be enough to power up one cell phone. A multi-charger essentially has multiple ports to power various devices at the same time.

Some of these top car accessories are in fact car essentials. These can enhance safety, deliver comfort, and even make a difference in a life and death situation. Always purchase accessories keeping your car model and make in mind, especially when buying high-speed chargers, finder tools, and pressure gauges.