As the cold winter weather fast approaches, so do the challenges of car ownership and driving. It is important to make sure that you and your car are both well cared for during the winter season. The following tips can ensure your transport stays in great order all through the winter and that you are kept safe.


For many commuters it can mean driving to and from work in the dark. This means it is important to ensure your lights are fully functioning and make it easy to see everything around you. Before winter begins check all your bulbs are working and that they are correctly aligned. Overtime the plastic in highlights can become clouded, but it is simple to solve with a quick restoration kit. During the winter before you set off, always check that there is no snow or ice covering any of the lights.


When the temperature drops it is difficult for a battery to operate. If your battery was struggling during the warm summer weather, these issues will be heightened in the winter. A quick volt test can be performed to make sure the cells are all working properly. If there are any problems, it is important to install a new battery to make sure you are not left stranded because of a dead one.


Otherwise known as coolant, it is incredibly important during the winter as it keeps the engine from freezing. Before the cold weather arrives check there are no leaks in your car’s engine and top up the coolant levels. It is best to mix 50% water with 50% antifreeze, as this will create a low freezing point within the engine.


During the winter you should try and keep your fuel levels topped up. If you find yourself stuck away from home, a full tank will give you enough fuel to keep your engine ticking over with radiators on so you don’t get cold. If the fuel pump and associated pipework contains fuel it will prevent water accumulating, which could freeze and damage the components.

Washer fluid

During the winter there is a lot of debris left on roads from the weather and gritters. A full washer reservoir will allow you to clean your windscreen regularly and prevent you from driving in dangerous conditions.

Tyres and tyre pressure

If you are in an area which is susceptible to freezing temperatures, ice and snow, winter tyres can be a great choice. A winter tyre is specifically designed to stay flexible during freezing temperatures, so will create improved traction. This will help you brake and turn on slippery or cold roads, even when there are large levels of snow. Tyre pressure can fall when the air temperature falls, so it is important to check this regularly. If you are driving with low pressure tyres it could lead to uneven wear or separated tread, which could lead to an accident. Tyres with the correct pressure will handle more predictably in difficult conditions. After winter you should let out some air before the temperatures start to rise again.


Driving in the dark can also make people feel more susceptible to possible crimes. It is important that when you are making regular journeys during the dark, such as commuting to work, that you feel safe. A car GPS tracker can help give both you and your loved one’s the peace of mind that you are safe. A tracker from a company such as Trackershop will allow your vehicle to be tracked from a computer or app on a mobile device, and shows exactly where the vehicle is.