Car insurance can feel like a confusing maze for the unwary, and it is possible to be saddled with an inappropriate or overpriced policy if you simply opt for the first policy you find appealing. This article will explore what a good policy for modified car insurance looks like.


When you accept a policy, it can often feel like you are being swept along by a sales pitch to take a policy that is unnecessarily expensive, offering you add-ons that will not be relevant to your life.

Alternatively, the salesperson might offer you a tempting bargain on cheap insurance, but for a deal that does not cover everything, you will need to go about your day safely. For example, they may ascertain that you have a short commute and then offer a deal which only has third party business coverage, arguing it’s unlikely that you will need any further coverage for a short daily drive.

If you feel pressured, then you may even end up taking it, meaning that you need to pay more money to buy it. In this case, you should instead look for an insurance company with flexible deals that can be changed to suit your needs.

Good communications

Opting for a company with good customer services – ideally, a fully manned 24/7 claims line to a UK call centre – ensures that, if anything goes wrong at whatever time, you won’t have to wait to hear about your insurance. A focus on the customer is an essential measure of a good insurance policy.

A policy relevant to your car

When you look for a good policy, it is important to bear in mind the situation from which you are starting. If you are leasing to buy, you should be aware that the nature of your contract may change once you become the official owner – and some policies can fail to prepare for this.

Call Wiser can provide a great range of quotes, specialised to your needs, due to this broker’s relationship with more than thirty car insurance companies.

The broker covers handbags and electronic devices under the vehicle insurance and offers insurance deals for multiple cars for families with more complex travel needs. Vintage vehicles are also covered for those who like the finer cars in life and want to guarantee that such assets are fully protected.

A policy relevant to your life

With the range of options available concerning your insurance, it is essential that they are right for the purposes for which you will use your car. For example, if you drive extensively for work, it is important to have a commercial travelling policy which reflects the higher portion of your time spent on the road and the central role the car plays in your daily work.

Similarly, if you commute to work, even if you drive a short distance to a train station before continuing your journey, you will need business insurance to reflect the nature of this travel, and the fact that it is not for pleasure, which would put it in a different insurance category.

The needs of single- or dual-driver car policies, as well as single- or multiple-driver households, all call for different approaches and particular insurance plans.