The question of whether to buy or lease a car is one that has been around for decades. The car leasing market has been growing sharply in recent years with more and more motorists choosing to lease cars rather than buy. At Kappa Car Leasing we’ve seen more and more people leasing instead of buying cars first hand, here are 6 reasons why you need to lease your next car.

The benefits of leasing cars

Fixed monthly payments on the contracts

The fixed payments for car leasing mean that you can have certainty and financial stability when it comes to knowing your payments will remain the same for the duration of your contract be that one year or five. This is cheaper in the short term rather than buying which is much more expensive in the short term as can put a lot of people off even getting a car. However, with leasing, this is not a problem. The contracts can also be bespoke for each customer making the payments even more reachable and leasing even more affordable. As long as you can maintain the payments leasing can be an affordable and efficient way to travel.

Premium cars available

A popular perk of leasing is the ability to lease and drive premium cars that you couldn’t afford to buy yet get to drive for years. These include BMW and Mercedes that are part of many leasing schemes and can be readily available to many customers. This saves the time and expense that waiting many years in order to drive a premium car that you purchased would take and instead have that dream car in as little a few short weeks. The range of high-end cars available by the lease is impressive with many providers offering cars from all the main manufacturers for conveniently priced contracts.

Monthly payments are often the lowest option

You can choose to pay how you want and when you want, i.e. more at that the start and less at the end or vice versa.  This allows you to choose the cheapest or most suitable payment type and order of payment that suits you. This makes more financial sense and gives you more flexibility to pay the costs required.  The monthly payments make if not car ownership then car used for more people a reality including young people you may not have much disposable income to spend on a car but a contract lease provides a solution. Likewise, leasing does not require great credit rating something that young people and others may lack thus making car usage available to even more people.

You don’t need to worry about selling

At the end of your contract, you need only return the car to the dealership or arrange for it to be picked up. You may also have to pay any outstanding cost such as mileage charges etc. you are then free to start a new contract with the same dealer or another alternative that’s completely up to you and which dealer is best at that time. You could lease for a few years before buying a car at a later date if that is more suitable for you, you can have short or long term contracts to suit your needs, although the contracts are binding and breaking them could be costly.

No obligations once the contract has expired

At the point that your contract ends you have no further obligations or liabilities then was stated in the contract. This means you are no longer bound by its contents and are therefore able to new it or sign a new contract with the same or a different provider. This is a popular feature of leasing, having the ability to finish a contract with no further participation or duties on your part and are able to make a decision regarding further leasing or buying with previous lease contracts being a problem.

No issue with a devaluation

The devaluation of cars is a major factor for drivers, especially with new cars. The three years are the worst for new cars in terms of their devaluation. This is no problem for leasing as devaluation is only responsible for car owners nor leasers. New cars with each new contract are a common occurrence. This is partly due to the absence of devaluation and the ability to drive a new car at a fraction of the price of buying.

There is some trade-off to leasing such as mileage customisation limitations, however, these seem to be a minor innocence and a reasonable sacrifice in order to have the freedom to drive and in a car of your choice provided you can afford the payments rather than the car itself. This is increasingly appealing to many people across the UK who are ceasing leasing as a major opportunity to better their lives and their prospects.  While doing so in a fair and affordable way. Driving your dream car could well become a reality with leasing, something that is proving a major pull factor. Why not find out more about leasing, so you too can drive into the sunset.