In order to help drivers understand more about the science behind braking on the road, Wise Driving has put together a quiz designed to challenge drivers to refresh their memories and retrieve that information they learned about the topic whilst reading theory test books.

This quiz on stopping distances features some of the main questions you’d be asked during a theory test, so you can discover if you’re a whizz at working out braking distance or understand what conditions affect how long it takes for you to come to a halt.

The quiz features questions like, for example…

Which of these can affect your overall stopping distance?

    1. Using a sat nav
    2. Talking on the phone hands-free
    3. The weight in the car
    4. All of the above

In icy conditions, how much longer does it take to stop?

  1. Five times longer
  2. Ten times longer
  3. It doubles the length of time
  4. It doesn’t affect your stopping distance

Why is important to understand stopping distances?

Well here are three of the main reasons…

It can make you a safer driver

Calm and controlled braking and ensuring stopping distances are safely achieved makes you a safer driver, in all weathers and driving conditions. Important for yours and other road users’ safety.

It will make your theory test a little easier

If you’re studying for your theory test, understanding how to calculate stopping distances and what impacts them will ensure you get those important questions correct.

It can save you money!

If you have a black box fitted to your car, your insurance provider will monitor how sharply you brake and slow down when out on the road. They will then calculate a driving score,

based on how you drive, and this determines how much you pay for your car insurance.

You could also be in with a chance of winning a £100 Amazon voucher if you take the quiz before 24/06/19. All you have to do is complete the Wise Driving Stopping Distances quiz and share the results to Facebook using the hashtag #stopitlikeitshot

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Take the quiz and discover just how much you already know, whether you’re new to driving or experienced behind the wheel.

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