What are GPS trackers?

GPS, or Global Positioning System, has a major impact on our lives. It may not be too big of a reach to say that GPS is practically running the modern world. From the veins of the modern markets, the cargo shipping, to finding the best baker in your town for cakes, it’s an integral part of our daily lives.

But what comes to mind when you hear of GPS trackers?

Do you think of small chip-like devices that James Bond uses to track an explosive that’s about to blow up the international summit of world leaders?

Or do you think of a small box that lets you know the location of your car or your child if they are away?

The latter is the more accurate description.

GPS tracker is a device that gives you the present location accurately. You can install one in your car, inside your kid’s school backpack, or place one along with the courier and just like that; you get to know where it’s been and where it is. This, of course, depends on the features and functionalities of specific devices, but mostly, the basic principle is the same.

So, what makes it so necessary now?

Good question. We’ll explain.

You might think that my phone has GPS, and I can get an Air Tag or something similar instead of a dedicated GPS tracker. But think again. Air Tags has very limited functionalities, and you can’t always leave a phone in your car or with a courier because it’s not always reliable. However, a GPS tracker is conceived to offer you an accurate location at all times and is designed to be reliable for a wide variety of scenarios.

GPS Trackers typically have long battery life. So it’s dependable in case of an emergency, say if your car breakdown in someplace remote or if your vehicle gets stolen. And when it comes to GPS Trackers, there are a wide range of functions, including Geo-Fencing that lets you know if your device moves in or out of a specific area, vibration alarm if your vehicle is started without you knowing it, push notifications that alert you promptly, travel history for better insights and informed decision-making, and the list goes on.

When it comes to your loved ones, a GPS Tracker is the ideal security blanket you can provide them. You can always watch over them and make sure that they are safe. Think of your children who are away at school. The Geo-Fencing helps you know when they reach and leave the school, and the live tracking will help you breathe that sigh of relief knowing that they are on their way in the school bus in the designated route.

But is that it?

Certainly not.

GPS Trackers are also very helpful in industrial and agricultural scenarios too. If you have an important asset to deliver, a GPS Tracker with it ensures that it travels safely without any hiccups, and you always have control over it. If delivering stuff is a part of your business, efficient route options, most travelled areas, timely delivery, fleet tracking, the efficiency of the whole operation, all can be easily monitored and assessed with a GPS Tracker onboard. Or if you have expensive machines or equipment that you must leave at the worksite, or on the farm if you are farming, GPS Trackers ensures that they’ll be exactly where you left them when you’re back. Or, in case of any unfortunate circumstances, you’ll be able to contact the authorities and let them know the precise location so that no valuable time is wasted.

So, what other features do GPS Trackers come with?

So, we can’t talk about all the various brands out there, but better ones have lots of features aside from the necessities. We already mentioned Geo-Fencing and vibration alarms. Then there is the Speed Alert which lets you know if your device, or whatever’s carrying it, crosses a certain speed limit. Also, the notifications via email and push notifications to your phones are very helpful in monitoring the situation immediately and acting at the earliest. This also includes the mobile app which needs to be easy to use and dependable. Travel history to help you understand the previous routes and how it got there is also very helpful in case of burglary or to make better decisions in business to increase efficiency. Some car gps tracker also comes with a dedicated SOS switch that helps you call for help quickly if you’re stuck or lost.

We could go on and on with these features, but it’s best if you visit their website or explore them by yourself. But all things considered, GPS Trackers is a very basic necessity that brings so much value for every penny spent. You feel much more secure and relaxed once you know that your precious assets or loved ones is safe from harm and having a GPS Tracker is the most easy and simplest way for that.