Every part of our life is now interlinked with smartphones. Going about without one creates so many issues and slows things down significantly. This is one of the primary reasons why almost all of us use them. Motorcycle owners are no exception. There are specific smartphone applications which could profoundly improve your commute or even daily life. Here is the list of most convenient smartphone apps for bike owners in 2020.


If you love road trips and wish to find the best driving routes in the world, join Rever. This app holds a community of driving enthusiasts as well as a massive database of the most exciting roads, dirt tracks, trails, racecourses, etc.

Planning a journey is much simpler than with other applications while the ability to communicate with other riders makes it a lot simpler to stay safe and make the most out of your journey.


Renowned by many as the best navigation app, Waze can find the best routes, inform about traffic accidents, jams or construction up ahead. Since an engaged community drives it, motorcycle drivers can receive news about road conditions as soon as something changes. Route selection, estimates and other data are very accurate and convenient as well. You can also mark gas stations along your route.

Eat Sleep Ride

This application has a ton of various functions and features. It can do a whole lot for you, including sharing to social media, replays, route discovery. Think of it as Facebook or LinkedIn for motorcycle riders.

There is also a handy “Crashlight” feature. It detects accidents by tracking acceleration data. If the app senses a crash, it immediately sends out your exact coordinates to the contacts which you select. This feature alone should push you to consider downloading.

GPS tracking apps

The best app in this category depends on one more particular choice: what GPS tracker you choose to install in your bike. A GPS tracker is a device that continuously monitors the location of your motorcycle. It is a handy preventative measure against motorbike theft and also helps immediately locate the motorbike if it is taken away.

Apps/devices like Monimoto or any other moto tracker app can call you if the motorcycle is stolen or if suspicious movements are detected nearby. Furthermore, we strongly advise selecting concealed devices so that the criminal wouldn’t notice them while trying to steal the motorbike.

Dark Sky

No fun in riding through a hailstorm or a hurricane, right? Dark Sky is one of the best and more accurate weather applications since it uses data from the most powerful radars. Data is updated continuously, and you can plan your rides to be the most enjoyable and smooth.

Pirelli Super Biker

If you are track day and sports-oriented motorcycle owner, monitoring your performance, data can be a fun free time activity. Make use of Pirelli Super Biker. Use it in tracks only!

The app can help track and monitor speeds, lap times, even utilises the gyro to see leaning angles. Once you’ve completed laps that you are proud of, share it with friends on social media!

It can be the first step towards your track day experiences. If we are talking strictly about smartphones, this is likely the best and most accurate app.