New Forge Motorsport big brake kits for VAG cars include quality aluminium calipers, big discs with separate bells, braided brake lines and your choice of performance pads, plus all the fitting kit. Time to hit that apex!

If you’re thinking of taking your Mk5 Golf, Audi A3 and new Scirocco to the track but already fear-the-brake-fade then take a look at this new sharper-stopping kit from Forge Motorsport.

Designed and engineered in the UK at the Forge Motorsport Gloucestershire HQ, these bolt-on big brakes can offer you and your VAG car the anchor-up aggression needed for hot track action, or even just on-road apexing-prowess. They also look rather tasty.

The beefy new calipers are machined from 7075 high-grade billet aluminium and use heavy duty weather seals to make them a genuine road-friendly kit, even in the depths of a British winter.

Disks are track-spec and utilise separate bells for optimum heat dissipation, meaning that they can cope with repeated hard applications without fade. The kit is available in two disk sizes – 330mm for cars running a minimum of 17-inch radius wheels and 356mm for vehicles running 19-inch or bigger.

Not the very cheapest of performance upgrades, but in the real-world or on the track it’s your brakes and suspension that grip the tarmac, and realistically shave the lap times. As they say; power is nothing without control…

Price-wise the 330 x 32mm kit to fit the VW Mk5 Golf, Audi A3 or VW Scirocco with 17-inch or larger wheels is £975 +VAT. The 356 x 32mm kit to fit the VW Mk5 Golf, Audi A3 or VW Scirocco with 19-inch or larger wheels is £1044 +VAT.