When building a temporary structure for vehicle maintenance and repair, there are many things to consider. The dynamics and level of sophistication of your garage are significant determinants of how it will be constructed. Some entrepreneurs want simple vehicle maintenance and repair structures while others want these buildings to be as dynamic as possible. This guide is for every potential auto-entrepreneur who is interested in setting up a temporary garage. Read on to learn more.

Planning Your Vehicle Maintenance Center

Before you can approach the experts on temporary structures, you must have thought about what you want. Their work is to perfect your idea, supply the temporary materials, and build the structure. That said, you need to think about the following important areas of vehicle maintenance and repair centre.

  •         Service bay – this is the large area where all the work is done. It can be subdivided further depending on the type of work. For instance, there is the oil change and repair lift, tire centre, paint spray booth, and car wash and detailing section.
  •         Storage area – having space for this area is very crucial for the storage of vehicle spare parts and other sensitive vehicle components. Even if it is made of temporary material, it should be secured with access control.
  •         Office – this is where all the administrative work is done. For this, one big shared office is enough to accommodate the manager, marketing officer, and the accountant, who can double as a cashier. If it is not necessary, small auto garages usually merge the office and the storage area.

Choosing a Temporary Structure Expert

Now that you already know what you want, you can easily buy warehouse building packages from Smart-Space. They help in the installation process once you agree on the materials to use and the size of the structure that you want.

According to these experts, the construction time is relatively faster than for making permanent structures. Also, the overall cost will be lower. This makes it possible for beginners to set up the desired business without having to rob a bank.

The Materials

The materials that make your structure matter a lot. Usually, these are structures of significant size that require an appropriate foundation and reinforcement. Therefore, the frames are the most crucial part of the building. Engineers recommend structural steel, aluminium, or iron. For wall panels and the roof, a variety of materials can be used depending on the budget of the client. PVC, metal sheets, canvas, or wood blocks can be selected.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

The structure should be as safe as possible. Most people are sceptical about temporary auto structures since they think of them as being less durable. But experts have considered their structural safety and fire safety as well. Additional firefighting amenities should be added during construction in line with requirements from the authorities. Likewise, the disposal of greywater and oil should be considered with care to meet the regulations set by environmental authorities.


When building temporary auto maintenance structures, the above considerations should be made with care. But as long as you have chosen the right experts to work with, everything will run as smoothly as possible.