Close-up of Tires stack

Tyres can be rather exciting for us drivers, but keeping these tyres in good condition whilst keeping your car on the road could cost dear. If you shop around and compare prices you might be able to save more than £100 on a whole set of 4 tyres. Normally, franchised, chained dealers wouldn’t be the first choice to go to, but at times they can pull through. There a free tyre searches function and comparable sights online to find those cheap tyres. A good trustworthy company that supply cheap tyres is they understand that car tyres are possibly the most expensive part of a car and offer huge range of tyres that are reliable and resilient ensuring you gets the most out your money.

Doing your research will help you save money on tyres too because you’ll begin to discover the season performances on each specific tyre and throughout the years Michelin and Goodyear have dominated the vehicle tyre market,  yet Elite will have the tyres that will suit your car and the terrain you live in. They’ll ensure that their tyres provide excellent handling and impressive life spans at a price you can manage. Whether you’re purchasing car tyres online or in person, you can be sure that the car tyre prices you are looking at still ensure the same level of safety as the generic premium brands that are stocked.

Elite not only offer car tyres but they even offer van tyres too, and they boast some of the best prices going with the tyre brand continuing to exceed their customers’ expectations. Their car tyre services maximises the performance of your car regardless of what budget you are on. Choosing tyres can be extremely difficult, especially if you decide to choose from their premium brands such as Continental, Kumho and Dunlop, but with their experienced team, can seek advice and choose the best tyre for your car without spending any additional costs and you’ll be guaranteed with high performance and quality.

Elite Direct supply one of the biggest varieties of specialised car manufactures tyres and it’s important to have an idea what manufactures is best for your car, some of the manufactures Elite work with are:

  • Bentley tyres
  • Nissan tyres
  • Chevrolet tyres
  • Land Rover tyres
  • Mini tyres
  • Porsche tyres

Many garages and tyres centres often charge extortionate car tyre prices, but at Elite Direct, you’ll be ensured that you’re getting the highest quality tyres at the best prices on the market. The tyres will leave you in full control of the vehicle but importantly making sure the optimum levels of safety are at their highest. Whatever you use your vehicle for; their mechanics and experts can advise you on the specific tyres that are most durable for the journeys you will be taking. If you’re looking for cheap tyres and brilliant advice, then Elite Direct are the perfect company to use, you be guaranteed the cheapest price and ultimate safety.