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When your business owns multiple vehicles, it’s vital to keep track of your fleet in order to keep costs down. There are a number of reasons as to why it maximises safety to keep track of your fleet, and the potential for lower insurance bills is one of many.

As well as being a theft-prevention measure, tracking is an easy process, with the installation and tracking incredibly straight-forward and manageable. ABAX explains the process on its website, with tracking devices taking just 10 minutes to install, with a lifetime warranty and the ability to work underground.

With vehicle tracking, if your vehicle does get stolen, it would be easy to find it again. If you do lose a vehicle, it can have a huge impact on your business because it’s likely to have items in it which you need for work and will need to be replaced at great expense. You’re not guaranteed to get your vehicle or belongings back – but you stand a better chance if you can at least find it.

The Telegraph reports that tracking is ideal for business owners, because you can figure out when drivers are idle for a long period of time. It’s a good way to keep an eye on the workers, while making sure they’re being cautious about how they drive. Looking at speeding and harsh acceleration will lead managers to take precautions. The publication reported that small companies with two to 20 cars will see a return on their investment within 12 months.

As you watch how your employees are on the road, you also have the ability to track fuel efficiency. Business Vans established improving fuel efficiency as a key reason that fleet tracking is ideal for businesses, as well as being able to manage productivity and reduce expenses. Tracking will also help owners to determine which route works best for the drivers, and whether some people should change their journey, which ultimately could save time and money.

While you’re saving money on fuel, you might well notice a substantial drop in your insurance premium if you track your vehicles. A number of things contribute to lowering your insurance and, with a tracker, the potential lower chance of theft could do this. Similarly, because of the device, driver behaviour is likely to be a lot better, resulting in fewer accidents and/or evidence to prove your vehicle and driver were not at fault for an incident.

Vehicle tracking also provides you with data on vehicle use and performance that can be useful when assessing your fleet and the need (or not) for investment on an ongoing basis. By understanding your fleet more thoroughly you’ll make smarter investment decisions and spend the right amount at the right time – something that will hugely benefit your business.

Ultimately, tracking your fleet will benefit your company heavily, and you’ll notice the difference within weeks. It’s the ideal way to ensure safety in your vehicles, and among your workers.