Young stylish couple choosing luxury car to buy on the open ground of the dealership

When the time comes to buy a car, the big question that every motorist must carefully consider is whether to buy new or used. This will depend entirely on your own circumstances, preference and budget but it is important to be aware of a third option which can bring a host of benefits and will suit many motorists – “nearly new”.

What is Nearly New?

So, what exactly is a nearly new car? As the name implies, this is an automobile which is relatively new but technically second hand. It is a car which has been registered by the dealer or manufacturer so you would not be the first registered keeper but it is still practically new with little to no mileage on the clock.


A nearly new car can bring a host of benefits and it is certainly an option worth considering. The most obvious benefit is that it is much more affordable than buying brand new because it could be up to thousands of pounds cheaper so you can get much more for your money. This, and the fact that it will be in much better condition than a used car, gives you the best of both worlds for what could be a smart purchase.

Additionally, you also benefit from the fact that a nearly new car will have most of its manufacturer warranty in place so you will not need to buy an extended warranty like you might if you purchase a used car.


The only real drawback of purchasing a nearly new car is that you will not be able to pick your specification, but this is a small price to pay for the amount that you can save on what is, essentially, a new car. Additionally, if you are buying from a top dealer like Peter Vardy then you are likely to have a wide choice so you may well be able to find the right spec. The automobiles are often ex-demo cars that the dealers use to advertise which means that they usually come in popular colours and specifications but you are also likely to benefit from the latest tech.

Overall, a nearly new car is a smart option and one which every motorist should consider. Brand new cars can be incredibly expensive but you can make huge savings on a nearly new vehicle which will be practically new with very few miles on the clock. Used cars, meanwhile, are more affordable but are often not in as good condition or able to perform to the same standard as newer models.