Motor racing is certainly one of the UK’s most followed sports thanks to its exhilarating entertainment and fast-paced nature.

Fans from across the world regularly flock to the Grand Prix events hoping to get a taste of the vibrant atmosphere and imposing vehicles. Increased coverage across numerous sports channels and millions of viewers shows just how fast the sport is growing in popularity.

Yet, in the thrill and excitement of the event and competition we often forget just how dangerous Motorsport can be. Drivers will often tell you that the idea of travelling at speeds in excess of 100mph gives them the thrill and motivation they need to compete and enjoy their profession.

Despite this, the element of safety has been widely debated due to a number of high profile accidents – even deaths – in the world of Motorsport over the last few years.

Jules Bianchi was a young, determined and hugely talented driver; tragically killed in the Japanese Grand Prix of 2015.

His death brought home the reality of the sport to many of his fellow drivers, who called for enhanced safety measures across Motorsport to keep drivers safe in future.

Bianchi struck a recovery vehicle after sliding off the wet track, an incident that may have been prevented had there been stricter regulations with regards to driving at high speeds on wet surfaces.

On August 7 2016, Brian Clauson was leading the Belleville Midget Nationals in Kansas, America. The top sprint car driver was a hugely popular figure within his sport and, tragically, he was killed when his car flipped on the track and was struck by another car once he had landed.

Another tragic incident in recent Motorsport history was IndyCar driver Justin Wilson, who was killed in 2015 by a piece of flying debris that struck his helmet.

To realise that even the most skilled professional drivers are putting their lives at risk every time they take to the track certainly hits home – considering many Motorsport fans enjoy taking part in their own race days.

Many of these huge Motorsport figures possess the financial backing to cover their funerals in the event of a tragedy, yet others who are just as keen to take part may not.

Ensuring you are financially equipped to pay for your funeral is essential so that your family does not have to fork out the necessary funds to pay themselves. All the necessary financial support and assistance is readily available regarding funeral costs – just in case the worst should happen.