A car is a hefty investment for most people and your dealership business will play a significant role in helping your customers find the wheels of their dreams, so it’s crucial it looks the part. Customers expect car showrooms to be sleek, modern and stylish, and if yours isn’t, chances are you’ll miss out on a decent profit.

Renovating your dealership isn’t quite the same as with any other business. Sure, you’ve got to have a fresh lick of paint and great lighting, but there are a few other things to bear in mind when it comes to setting up a car showroom.

Here, we explore how to renovate your car dealership business to attract more clients.

Create an eye-catching shop front

As with any shop, your car dealership should appear inviting from the outside, as this will increase your chances of attracting people walking or driving past. A glass front will allow you to display your most attractive cars prominently to help give passers-by an idea of what they might find inside the dealership.

Highlight the characteristics of each car

Customers tend to look at a significant number of cars before they make a purchase, and when they’re looking at so many different cars and showrooms, it’s easy to forget all the characteristics and specifications of each car.

Consider having pop-up banners printed for each of the cars you have for sale to clearly display all the information a potential buyer might need to know. This solution would also free up your dealership staff to assist more customers, as they won’t be waylaid people asking questions about a vehicle’s specifications.

Consider industry trends

To ensure your dealership appears current and attracts the widest audience possible, you’ll need to ensure you focus your attention on what’s trending in the automotive world. Research industry trends and find out which models are most popular.

Determining which cars are most likely to sell will make it easier to stock your showroom and ensure you’re meeting your customers’ needs. It’s also likely to save you time and money, as you’ll know what type of vehicles to not buy, and thus you won’t waste money on cars that aren’t likely to sell.

Find out what your competitors are doing

As with any business, it will be crucial to keep an eye on any similar car dealerships or direct competitors who might be a threat to your profits. Monitoring their online content, their products and their prices will help you determine what you could do better in regard to your dealership.

Competitor analysis will also help you understand what you could do to stand out from your competitors. For example, you might decide to lower your price to just below your competitors, so you can promote the fact that your dealership offers competitive prices.