Maserati is renowned for its high-end luxury sports cars. They are now pushing back into supercar territory with the recently announced MC20 and have competitors like McLaren in their sights in the six-figure sports car market. Here are some of the reasons why the announcement is making waves in the industry.

New Venture

The announcement of the MC20 marks a change for Maserati as they look to return to their racing roots. The company hasn’t released a supercar since 2004 and became best known for its range of luxury SUVs and sports cars. Naturally, supercars are not for everyone, and Maserati’s other models are worth checking out if you are in the market for a new vehicle from retailers like


The MC20 cuts a striking image. Sleek yet aggressive, futuristic yet classic, the MC20 has it all. This car will be a guaranteed head-turner wherever it pulls up with its butterfly doors and streamlined aesthetic.

Maserati has also learned lessons from its previous ventures into the supercar niche. The MC20 has built on many of the complaints levelled at its predecessor, the MC12. The MC12 featured some less than ideal designs, such as the several feet of overhangs on the chassis. In contrast, the MC20 is far more compact, with a more elegant and refined aesthetic that will make it far more driver-friendly.


The mechanics over at Maserati have put thousands of hours into maximising the aerodynamic performance of the car. According to reports, the extensive testing amounted to more than 2000 hours of work in wind tunnels and more than 1000 fluid dynamics simulations.

According to the manufacturer, this hard work has paid off. Not only does the aerodynamic performance give the car a sleek, modern look, but it has improved the performance of the vehicle significantly. Maserati has limited the number of aerodynamic attachments on the car to just one (the rear spoiler) and still managed a drag coefficient of just 0.38Cd.


The engine in the MC20 is something special. Named Nettuno (Italian for Neptune), this twin-turbocharged 3-litre V6 packs a punch. The car is capable of producing a whopping 621 horsepower, with 538 lb-ft of torque. In terms of speed and acceleration, the vehicle can hit 62mph in just 2.9 seconds and 124mph in 8.4, which is quick, to say the least.

A key feature of this engine is the twin-spark ignition in the pre-chamber combustion system that takes inspiration from Formula One cars. This effectively creates a second combustion chamber between the main combustion chamber and the spark plug. This translates to better fuel consumption efficiency and lower engine noise at lower revs in layman’s terms.


Overall, the MC20 looks as though it will be an important car in more ways than one. The design, aerodynamics and engine are ground-breaking in many ways and deliver significant improvements over its predecessor. However, the car also seems like it means a lot for the manufacturer itself, as it marks a return to in-house supercar design and construction for Maserati, a return to their roots as a racing company.