One of the latest and most popular trends in personalised motoring is the use of custom made car gel number plates. For a relatively small outlay, you can make your vehicle stand out from the crowd and become the envy of other drivers.

After all, what’s the point in driving around town in the same old car as everyone else?

There’s nothing better than upping the style and showing that you can stand out from the crowd. And if you can stand out, why not your number plates?

Personalising Your Vehicle

Incorporating your own stylistic touches to your vehicle is a very popular way of showing your individuality in a world of similarity. In an age where vehicles are mass produced on production lines, and decorated in the same narrow range of finishes, you can add that
personal touch with a great range of different lighting arrangements or artistic flourishes. But one of the most difficult areas to spruce up is your number plate.

Number plates have always been a tricky area to add that personal touch because of the laws around clarity and legibility. Gone are the italic fonts of the nineties, which have been deemed unclear. Rearranging the spacing of the characters is frowned on too, whilst different coloured text and reflective finishes are definitely out. However, the 3D gel number plates for cars offers a great looking alternative enhancement for your vehicle without the risk of breaking road laws in the process.

What are Car Gel Number Plates?

Car gel number plates use gel resin to produce a domed 3D effect on number plates. Available in white and yellow finishes for both front and back, they enhance the look of any vehicle by providing a finely textured surface that maintains full road legality.

Such plates are often used for showroom display in order to enhance the clean lines of prestigious models as a sales device. Indeed, they’re already widely used on many top brands of vehicles, so why not create the same high-quality effect on your own vehicle?

Only Buy the Best

It’s these little touches that can add to the appearance of your car and make it look cleaner and sleeker wherever you go. But if you want your car to look really good, it’s important not to settle for less.

Some suppliers of customised number plates will use different shades of grey and black to produce a 3D effect on number plate characters, but why have those when actual 3D domed car gel number plates can be yours for as little as £60 a pair?

And check out 4d gel number plates for the next generation.