You passed the driving test! Congratulations! The gates to a little more freedom and independence in everyday life have opened for you. Now the only question left is: which car to get? The first vehicle you own is always something truly special – even if it is most likely not exactly the model or brand you have in mind. But that’s okay because it’s yours!

No matter if you have saved up for it on your own, your family is helping, or you are taking out a loan – it is all yours. The first car for novice drivers however should primarily be easy to handle, safe, and – who are we kidding – cheap. But with a variety that large, which car is suited best?

Consider your budget

Before the actual decision on the car model, there are a few other decision-making questions that are best clarified in advance. The most important is finances. Be aware that it doesn’t stop when you buy the vehicle. Good vehicle insurance, road taxes, regular services, annual MOT, and of course fuel are all expenses you will face. Your car will cost you just under £200 a month on average – not counting any loan repayments. Does this fit into your budget?

New or used?

Next, where do you want to buy your car from? A new car comes with the awareness that the vehicle is untouched and truly yours, with eventual customizations and the latest technology – but also with the crisp price tag behind it.

Considering used car dealers may be a better option for you as a new driver. With significantly lower prices for used Toyotas, Fiats, Vauxhalls – or whatever brand you are looking for – but similarly good safeguards and legal protection. Used cars from a dealer must clearly flag the condition they are in, and you can be sure the quality of the vehicle is corresponding to its age.

They are also drivable – both in terms of an engineering point of view and their legal requirements to drive. The latter is particularly important if you are considering buying from a private individual where you are legally not covered here. Be sure to take someone you trust with you who knows their way around cars. And try to test drive if you can.

Pick the one that suits you!

Brilliant! Now with that out of the way: which car is considered a good beginner’s car? Renowned car magazine has created a very insightful list of the best 10 cars suitable for a first-time buyer, which comes with a broad variety of well-known models that have been around for probably way longer than you have – like the Volkswagen Polo, which has been on the market since the mid-70s, or the Vauxhall Corsa, just a bit younger with its market presence since 1982.

However, what we are particularly pleased about, is the presence of several EVs on the list, or at least models that offer an electric version of their model. Fantastic news, especially considering the state of the current earth’s climate and the fact that the ban on petrol and diesel cars is only seven years away. Smart cars such as the top candidate on the list, the Fiat 500, are thus not only relatively inexpensive but also sustainable options.