Having new tires for winter may not have been your topmost priority as of the moment, but inevitably you’ll need to have one. There are actually tires that you may use for all-year-round whatever the case or kind of weather you’ll drive-through. However, during winter, the temperatures may go below 7 degrees Celsius, which not all tires can endure.

This also means that it will be harder for you to pull your car through deep snow during these times, or it might not even work at all. This will then also push you to have that winter type tire that gives that best traction, control, and strong brakes. In this article, we will tackle the specific requirements or guides in choosing the right winter-specific tires.

What are the benefits of having specific NewTires for Winter?

Before going through the guidelines on how to choose the best one, you have to understand fully first the benefits of having the right tires:

  • Strong Traction: It may be unknown to some, but the all-year-round tires lose its grip in time, especially on ice or stiff surfaces. And having the correct tires will give that distinct flexibility in the coldest weather. Thus, offering more secure journey.
  • Safety and security on the road- Tire brands design the treads on winter tires to grip into the snow for exceptional handling and maximum traction that it needs to be. Again, having the right one will give you that sense of security and safety by showing you that outstanding grip while driving on the unplowed snows.
  • Insurance discounts- Believe it or not, but most insurance gives their clients discounts on their car coverage if they choose to have seasonal tires. This kind of tires gives them confidence in their clients” safety on the roads. Thus, it will be unlikely for you to ask for any insured damages.

So, How to choose the right winter tires?

Choosing the right new tires for the winter season is quite tedious yet satisfying for its benefits and uses. And in selecting one, three important things need to be considered. And here are those: 

The Strong Traction

It is the main reason why you should have specific winter-type tires. Getting tires that can provide you with strong traction in snow will also give you security and safety. It’s undeniable that the all-year-round also has that grip on dry roads, but they are not enough on wet surfaces. And having those slippery driving leads to most accidents.

The Studless Tires

The studless tires possess deeper treads that allow the tire to disperse snow and slush it from under the tire. This deep tread depths allow the new tires to be manageable on chunks of snow and packs it within the tread blocks. This also provides better traction on deep snow which reduces any fortuitous incident and probabilities.

 The Durability

In checking the right tire, the most vital factor is its durability. This concludes that material, construction, and tread design. The winter type tire usually has an average lifespan of 30,000 miles. But there’s also an option on choosing more on that, as long as you are willing to give in some bigger dime.

The Verdict

It is always in your hands on what to choose for your car, whether it would be the seasonal one, particularly new tires for winter, or the all-year-round. However, getting new tires for winter may need to be more in-depth and precise for the risk will be your safety and convenience. And you must remember that not all tires can endure heavy snowfall or wet surfaces during a long journey.