Many motorists turn to the used car market when they need a vehicle, which can certainly be a good way to save money and you can get much more for your money as opposed to buying new. While it makes a lot of financial sense to buy used, one of the drawbacks is that you end up with an older car which can make it stand out when surrounded by stylish, fresh new cars on the roads. So, how can you make an older car appear more modern?

Dateless Plates

The 3rd and 4th digit of the number plate is a literal signifier of the age of the car, so if you are embarrassed about the age of the car or simply would rather that people did not know, then you could look into a private numberplate – dateless plates can be more expensive, but it is an effective way to make the car seem more modern particularly when combined with the strategies below.

Gas Struts

One of the many great features of newer cars is having gas struts in the bonnet and boot, which will allow both to open automatically when the car is unlocked and this is a handy feature that helps with accessibility. You can fit gas struts under the bonnet or in the boot of your car to give the same effect to an older model.


A dirty car will appear much older, so if your car looks unclean and neglected then a deep clean both inside and out can restore it to its former glory. For the best results, you should take the car to a car wash and have the inside cleaned professionally (this can also make it much more enjoyable to drive) and this could take many years off the look of the car.

Seat Covers & Floor Mats

Following on from this, another way to restore your car interior and make it both look and feel much newer is with seat covers and floor mats. These are aspects of the interior that can show their age, so replacing them can make a big difference particularly when the rest of the interior is kept clean.

Fixing Imperfection

Cars tend to pick up scratches, dents, dings and other imperfections over time and this brings down the look of the car and shows its age. If your car looks like it has been through the wars, you will find that getting these imperfections fixed can make a huge difference.

This post should help you to make your car look and feel much newer, which could help you to take more pride in the vehicle. Buying used has its benefits, but you often end up with cars that look like they have been through the wars and in need of some TLC.