Car locksmiths are called whenever there is an emergency lockout situation or other lock emergency with a vehicle. These situations can be especially stressful, and you need efficient and reliable car locksmiths when these situations take place.

If you can’t retrieve your keys on your own, you’ll need to know which locksmith service is the best for you. There are a few key dynamics that should be examined when calling a locksmith for your vehicle. Continue reading for how to find the best lock and key service for your car.

Assess the Situation

Before calling different car locksmiths, you need to analyse the situation so you can clearly describe what services you need.

If you are simply locked out of your car at night, you’ll need a company that provides services around the clock. Finding a 24-hour locksmith in these situations will be crucial for getting help entering your vehicle.

Most locksmiths use a simple airbag system to crack the door panel slightly. Once there is sufficient space, the locksmith can engage the lock by using a long, slender tool that reaches inside the vehicle.

Specialised Tools and Situations

Losing your keys entirely is a different matter. If you own a newer car and need an emergency key-making service, you’ll need a locksmith with special capabilities.

Car locksmiths must equipped with updated equipment to handle key making situations for newer vehicles. Many of the keys have computer chips in them and normal lock cutting devices simply won’t cut it (pun intended).

You should ask the locksmith if they provide any of these specialty services.

  • Laser-cutting services

These also go by the name of internal cut keys. They are substantially thicker than normal keys.

  • Switchblade keys

These look exactly how they sound. Switchblade keys are flipped open by pushing a button, and tuck into a compartment where they’re hidden.

  • Proximity Smart-Key

These keys can be used to unlock the car door from a far distance. This is the most advanced type of car key for car locksmiths.

Finding a locksmith with all these services will ensure all your needs are met. It’s important to find a car locksmith with a solid reputation for security and efficiency such as Advanced Lock & Key.