Securing car insurance can be a tricky business but to stay with the cover provider you have been with for the past few years is not always the best option.

This is because you may not be benefiting from the best deals on the market, so for a clear idea of what to look for when taking out a new policy, read on.

If you often drive abroad for work purposes or to reach holiday destinations then it is worth checking how much cover you will have for this. Often motorists assume they are enjoying the same standard of protection when driving overseas as they do while in the UK, but in many cases it actually drops down a level – so you may wish to inquire about this during your research.

Further to this, it could be worth checking what level of cover you can enjoy driving a car that is not the one named in your policy. Many insurance firms would contact a company such as Enigma Telematics to help bring down fleet insurance premiums.

Legal protection is another point to consider. In the event that you are in an accident, this could cover you for any litigation costs you incur if an insurance claim is made against you. When asking about this, you may also wish to find out how much personal accident benefit is available to you.

Depending on the car you drive, it may be worth learning what the insurer’s policy is regarding repairs.

If you own a classic car or a luxury model then there may only be a few mechanics you know who can sort out any damage to your beloved vehicle or your favourite local locksmith to assist with missing keys. However, your insurer might only cover work carried out by one of its approved partners – so make sure you’re aware how this will affect you in the event you want to stick to your usual repair team.

Remember to also find out if your policy will include a courtesy car as if you are left without a vehicle for a period of time while it is fixed, this can make getting about in the meantime far easier.

In line with this, gap insurance could be worth taking out. If your car is completely written off, this cover will make up the shortfall between the price you paid to drive your particular model off the forecourt and your insurance settlement.

Another consideration is who will be driving the motor you are getting insured. If you share your car with your partner you can have them added to your policy as a named driver, which can make journey planning a lot easier.

And if you have a child who is learning the skill, you can also have them put on your policy – although this may push up your quote.

Luckily, if you have had your licence for several years and do not have any penalties then you are likely to be rewarded for this with a lower tariff anyway. In addition, the one thing that really makes your insurance unique is your no-claims bonus – which you may choose to have protected – and this too can net you a better deal.

And finally, the last – but by no means least – thing for you to look for when searching for the best insurance policy for you is breakdown cover.

Many insurers can include this on your policy and it could help to take the hassle out of arranging the service yourself through a third party.

By keeping these ten points in mind, you are sure to find the best cover for you.