Has the time come to upgrade the clutch in your Nissan Patrol?

Whether you’re just trying to spruce up the ol’ girl or if you’re attempting to fix something that’s broken, making sure that the clutch of your vehicle is in fine working order is a very important thing to prioritize.

If you don’t have a clutch, you very quickly won’t have a car.

But how do you even choose what the right clutch is?

MaintNissan Patrol Clutch

In case you’re far behind the starting line and still wondering why you need to worry about replacing your clutch, there are several reasons. When it comes to the clutch, you’re likely going to want to look for something that will increase how much power your vehicle outputs, as well as whichever clutch elevates your vehicle’s overall performance.


Having said that, you’re not going to want to choose a Nissan Patrol clutch that is going to empty your checking account. You’ll likely want to start your search for a Nissan Patrol clutch with a ballpark financial figure in your brain, one that you’ll need to force yourself not to veer too far over.

Once you have a budget, you’ll automatically be able to find which Nissan Patrol clutches are in your price range, and you can start the search from that narrower pool. 

Work With a Professional

So, you have your budget, and you know you need a Nissan Patrol clutch, but where do you go from there? This is where you have to realise that there’s no shame in asking for help – in fact, you might even end up saving yourself a lot of time, effort, and energy.

Reach out to a local professional – like us at Clutch Direct – and help us help you.

Where To Find the Clutch?

Here at Clutch Direct, we’re able to provide you with all your automobile needs. We’re based out of Australia, and we know our way around a manual engine, no matter the make and model of the car.

 If you’re not sure where to start looking to replace your clutch, reach out to us, and we’ll help you decide!