According to GEM Motoring Assist, drivers are now facing more distractions than ever before. Thankfully there are ways to avoid almost all of them, so here are some ways to ensure you stay safe while on the roads.


If you’re caught using a handheld phone you may face 6 penalty points on your licence and a £200 fine. If you passed your driving test in the last two years, you’ll also lose your licence. It’s best to simply keep your phone out of reach while driving and remember that even handsfree can often be distracting.


Bored or unruly passengers can cause a lot of distraction and it’s not the driver’s job to occupy passengers during a journey. Before beginning a trip, make sure children have enough to entertain themselves whether it be with books, toys or even a film (headphones may be useful to ensure you’re not also distracted by it.) Pets are passengers too, so if you’re travelling with a dog in the car make sure they are securely restrained to ensure your safety as well as theirs.


Rest is important for everyone in the car. Children can become bored and restless whilst travelling, so regular stops can help to combat this and stop them from interrupting your concentration. A rest will also help you as the driver to focus more. Fresh air, food, water and even a power nap can all help to perk you up. You should look to take 15-minute breaks every two hours or 100 miles.


Picking the right music for your journey can be very important. Rock music is thought to make you worse at driving and can be a distraction, but the right type can keep you feeling energised and motivated. If you are going to listen to music during your journey, make sure to arrange it before you set off as music controls can be fiddly and distracting.

Eating & drinking

Cup holders in vehicles are incredibly useful but drinking and eating while driving can be dangerously distracting. If you need a drink, make sure to take care and ask a passenger to help you if possible. Alternatively, take a break at the next safest place to do so and enjoy a drink and snack while resting.


Make sure to plan your journey before setting off, especially if the route is new or unfamiliar. This reduces stress while driving and minimises your need to mess around with sat navs and maps. If you do get lost, pull over whenever it’s safe and figure out your next steps while stationary.


As a driver it is your responsibility to make sure that your vehicle is road worthy and safe to drive. Warning lights and other issues can be dangerous and distracting, pulling your focus away from the actual driving. It’s also important to make sure you always have enough windscreen washer so that you can clear distractions from view. If you’re looking for an upgrade and wish to sell your old car, it’s simple to find out how much you could earn.