With the borders being shut off to most places across Europe, most Brits will be wanting to escape to British cities, towns and villages on their free weekends.

However, sometimes being a passenger can become draining and boring, especially if you’re tired and you’ve run out of conversation.

Here are five things to do to ensure your long car journeys don’t wipe you out and are as fun as they can be:

  1. Car Games

Some people love them, and some people hate them, but one thing is for certain – they can make the car journey go a little bit faster.

Rather than just playing games such as I Spy, why not try one of these suggestions from findandfundmycar? The list includes Name That Tune (granted, this might get annoying after a while) as well as 20 questions, where the other person in the car has to guess the person you’re thinking of within 20 questions.

  1. Podcasts

Find a podcast you, the driver and whoever else is in the car love. As podcasts are often around 45 minutes long, just one episode should help speed the journey up and you’ll be at your chosen destination in no time.

  1. Music

Prepare a playlist before your journey of all your and other riders’ favourite songs. You could include some cheesy songs that everyone is going to want to sing along to, or a mix of everyone’s favourite artists. Perhaps you could link this up with ‘car games’ and play the introductions of each song for the passengers to guess the title and the artist.

Here’s hoping that you and the rest of the car have the same taste in music!

  1. Read a Book

Some people get car sickness when they read in the car, but if you’re not one of those people, then read a few chapters of your book that you’ve been trying to get through for the past few months. Not every driver wants to sit and talk – some are happy to just get to the location while the passenger does their own thing.

  1. Quiz

Create a pub-quiz style that you and your car-sharing friends can participate in. Perhaps each person can create a different round – music, sport, general news, images, etc.

This will be sure to make the time go a little bit faster!