BMW has long been a premium car brand, much loved by UK petrol heads and corporate fleet buyers. As the adverts continually remind us, German automotive technology is hard to beat. The 5-series is an integral part of BMWs stable of cars. It has to compete against Audi’s A6 and the Mercedes E Class, but it does this remarkably well. The old 5-series BMW won a host of awards, so in this post, we are going to look at whether the new 5-series can live up to its predecessor. If you are considering buying or leasing the BMW 5 series, read on!

Engine Choices

The BMW 5-series comes in a range of engine options. The 520d 2.0-litre diesel is the most popular model – for good reason. Diesels have been vilified lately but with a diesel engine, you can put in the miles without the fuel gauge taking much of a hit. The 5-series diesel soon reaches optimum speeds on the motorway and it is smooth and reliable. If you want to upgrade a bit, go for the 530d model. It has more power.

City drivers are better off with the 530e hybrid model. It has an electric-only mode that allows for a 29-mile coverage before the battery needs recharging. This is perfect for short commutes. This model isn’t recommended for longer commutes, however, as the extra weight of the car will hamper fuel efficiency.


Luxury car buyers and leasers want a car that is smooth and quiet to drive. The standard suspension is perfectly comfortable. The sports suspension (M sport version) is a bit stiffer and you’ll notice speed bumps. For best results, personalise your vehicle and tick the Variable Damper Control box. This makes the 5-series much more forgiving on potholed British roads.


BMWs are known for their reliable, secure handling. All models are smooth, even at high speeds. You can comfortably speed around corners and not endure any road creep. It truly is a capable ride and a vehicle made for snaking country roads through dramatic scenery. Watching your speed and sticking to the national speed limit is important for yours and other drivers safety. You do not want to have to do a National Speed Awareness Course, or be prosecuted. Do watch out if you pick the 530e hybrid, however, as the extra weight of the vehicle puts it at a disadvantage on corners. If you want extra stability, add the Integral Active Steering to the options list. The xDrive may also come in handy if you live in a rural area.

Driver Comfort

The interior design of a 5-series is very well thought out. The driver’s cockpit is comfortable, and the electric adjustments make it easy to find the right seat position. Fully electric seats are, surprisingly, an optional extra, as is lumbar adjustment support. The dashboard is well laid out and all your essential controls are within easy reach.

Car Tech

All 5-series models come with front and rear parking sensors. There is also an optional display that beams useful driving data on to your windscreen. Every model is kitted out with a top-class multimedia system that includes DAB radio, sat-nav, and hard-drive storage.

The BMW 5-series drives well, looks great, and is roomier than its closest rivals. The boot space is not as good as other similar models, but it is acceptable. In summary, a BMW 5-series is a good buy and running costs are lower than you might expect for a large, luxury vehicle. There’s also some great car leasing deals for the BMW 5-series at the moment, so this may be something worth considering if you want to save money but still have a luxury motor.