According to DVLA data, black is the most popular car colour in the UK, followed by blue, silver, and white. There’s a big problem with this though – the UK’s roads are boring because of it! The colour of your car is a prime way to make an impact so if you’ve recently purchased your first car or have an existing car and want to start making modifications or want to recreate a classic look, right now is the time to change it.

There are plenty of ways you can lift the look of your car to the next level and make the UK’s roads just that little bit more interesting! Here are five of our favourites.

Paint your car

There are two main ways you can apply paint to your car: powder coating and spray paint. Spray paint is the simpler option, all you have to do is spray on the pain evenly to get a good coat. Powder coating differs as it involves coloured powder that sticks to your cars body via electrostatic which is then heated up.

While more expensive, inapplicable to rubber, and difficult to do by yourself due to the equipment involved, powder coating is much stronger, less wasteful, long-lasting – and let’s be honest – better looking, than spray paint.

Vinyl wrapping

A cheaper option compared to paint, vinyl wrapping can be a brilliant way to get head-turning colours onto your motor fast, including pearlescent and metallic looks. There are two options when it comes to vinyl wrapping: a complete colour change, which wraps all panels on the car, or an exterior colour change, where the vinyl is only applied to the exterior surfaces.

Personally, we love the smart look of a complete colour change, but if you want to make your car look amazing without breaking the bank and you’re choosing a colour that’s similar to your existing tone, an exterior job is a sound option.


Tinted windows can make your car really stand out from the traffic, as well as improving privacy for your rear passengers. As long as you comply with legislation governing tinted windows, you can make your car look as downtempo as you like. And with plenty of DIY tinting kits out there, you can give your car a sleek, limo look surprisingly quickly.

Wheels and bodywork 

Changing the colour of your wheels or investing in new bits of bodywork such as a spoiler, carbon bonnet or flared wheel arches, can all seriously ramp up your car’s appearance. Before you whip out your welder though, start simple: visit a dent puller and fix any bumps and nicks in the bodywork. It’s amazing just how much this will improve the look of your car.

For the wheels, careful consideration is necessary. You need a colour that blends well with your bodywork, and when it comes to the method you use to colour them, bear in mind that they are going to be dealing with plenty of bouncing grit and stones, so a stronger method like powder coating is best.

Before you start

Whatever job you want to carry out on your car, it’s crucial you have the right equipment on hand to ensure a brilliant sheen and your own safety. As well as the tools needed for your chosen job, always make sure to get hold of all the right PPE, such as respiratory protection masks, gloves, and safety goggles.