Are you planning a family holiday this year? Going anywhere exciting? Wherever you’re off to, how do you plan to get around? You might think you can just use public transport and take taxis, right?


It’s not the worst plan in the world, but today we’re going to make you rethink it. Contrary to your previous belief, its’ actually a far better idea, in most places, to rent your own car for the trip. In summary, here’s why:


  • You get true freedom of movement in the place you’re heading. You can go where you want, when you want.
  • There’s no more adhering to merciless timetables! You set the schedule and go by your own rules.
  • With a car, you can get to see much more of your travel destination. You can get into all the quiet corners and hidden spots that most tourists miss.
  • A car rental takes the stress out of traveling. You get a private, air-conditioned space. You avoid crowds, heat and discomfort.
  • You can enjoy a significant upgrade in vehicle. With great deals available, you can rent something a bit more luxurious than your own car. This adds greater comfort and enjoyment to the driving.


Reason #1: Freedom of Movement

Public transport will always limit you to where the routes go. Even taxis have this problem, since many drivers are reluctant to go beyond the city limits.


Rent yourself a car, and you open up the entire map. Go where you want, when you want, however fast or slow you want. It’s the holiday dream.


When you spend hard-earned money on an exciting holiday, you’re not paying for restrictions, are you? Shake off the shackles with a car rental.


Reason #2: No Timetables! 

The other bane of the family holiday is the timetables imposed by public transport. Are you enjoying your day in the countryside? Well, you’d better pack up the picnic and head back to the station now, because the next train leaves at 2:30pm, and there won’t be another until 6:00pm!


Sound familiar? A holiday is supposed to be a time to relax and unwind. How can you do that when you’re constrained by the limits of a timetable?


A car rental allows you time to make your own plan and go at your own pace. If you’re enjoying the botanical gardens, stay another hour, why not? If you’re finding the wildlife park a bit dull, then leave early! Your holiday, your timetable.


Reason #3: See More of your Destination

Most travel destinations become popular because of their “hot spot” sights. In London, it’s all about the London Eye and Big Ben. In Washington D.C. it’s the White House and Lincoln Memorial. In Dubai it’s the Burj Khalifa. You know the score.


Those places are easy to reach, but how about the forgotten corners of the cities? How about the suburbs? How about the random countryside spots where you’ll find a historic cave, or a lush lagoon, or a quaint village with rustic Georgian architecture? 


To get to the spots that other tourists miss, what you really need is your own car. Rent a car and see the real face of your destination. Immerse yourself in the local life, and gain a unique and authentic experience.


Reason #4: Stress Relief

Planning all those public transport routes, timings and whatnot can be extremely draining. After you’ve made the plans, you’ve then got to endure the queues, the crowds, the heat, the smell and much more.


Rent your own car and these problems can vanish. You get a nice, private and air-conditioned space, with music if you want. Everyone gets a comfortable seat and a window; everyone can hear each other when they want to talk, or just pop in some headphones and listen to music.


Take the stress right out of your holiday with a car rental. You don’t even need to plan the routes anymore thanks to sat-nav! The rental has you covered.


Reason #5: You Can Upgrade!

With many car rental places offering great deals even on high-end luxury models, you can go ahead and upgrade to something really special. Why not rent yourselves a luxury SUV, or even a grand tourer?


You don’t have to go that far, of course, but a great-value rental can include serious comfort and prestige. That makes driving all the more an enjoyable experience for you.


Consider Your Options:

It’s true that not everywhere you go is suitable for car rental. You rent a car in New York; you’re just spending your holiday in traffic jams. You rent a car in Dubai, on the other hand, you’re free to explore everything the place has to offer.


Consider your options carefully. You’ll find that for most destinations, a car rental offers a more enjoyable and more memorable holiday experience.