Many motorists have anxiety when it comes to buying a used car and this is understandable when you hear so many horror stories. It is true that this can be a dangerous place to buy with fraudulent sellers and dodgy vehicles, but if you know where to look and how to protect yourself, then it can also be a great place to find high quality automobiles for low prices.

Here are a few tips for saving money whilst also ensuring that you get a good car for a fair price:


It can be tempting to buy from a private seller because they offer lower prices, but this can be a risk. Used car dealerships are a safer place to buy and offer more consumer protection, so consider going down this route. Dealerships can also advise on car finance  which is another option to help funding. That is not to say that buying privately should be avoided at all costs, but it is important that you are more careful if you decide to go with this option. Car finance is also an option, which helps you fund your dream car.


One great way to save money whilst also getting rid of your current car is to part-exchange it. This will lower the price that you pay and also saves you the hassle of having to advertise and negotiate a fair price for your current automobile.

Vehicle History Check

One of the most important stages of the used car buying process is to get vehicle checks carried out. These will uncover the history of the car and reveal any hidden secrets. This is your first line of defence against used car scams and can reveal crucial information such as whether it is recorded as stolen, if there is outstanding finance or if it has been previously written off. They find 1 in 3 cars has a hidden history, so always get this check carried out even if the seller and car seem genuine.

Another reason that these checks are so important is that they show the car’s MOT history and whether or not it has been well maintained. This could save you a fortune in the long run because it will highlight any recurring or major issues that you could end up footing the bill for down the line.


Negotiating is a great way to bring down the price, yet many buyers shy away from it. Negotiating is expected, so it is always worth asking to lower the price as this could easily save you a fair amount. There is good advice on how to do this online, but always remember to be firm yet friendly and don’t be afraid of walking away. It is also wise to do your research on prices in the area and show that you have looked elsewhere. Online car valuation tools are a great way to get an initial figure and then you can go from there.

These are the best ways to save money when shopping for a used car – the vehicle history check should always be carried out as this will give you peace of mind, help you to sidestep scams and could even save you a large sum in the long run.