Choosing a new car is not an easy process. You need to weigh up how often you will use the vehicle against how expensive it is to run. What’s more, this decision only becomes more difficult if you have a family that depends on your driving skills.

Next time you are in the market for a new car, why not consider something that is a bit more adventurous? Here are just a few reasons to consider using a 4×4 car.

The Power

The main draw of an off road vehicle is detailed clearly in its name. You can pack up this car and take it into the wilderness, letting the powerful engine work both sets of wheels to overcome any type of complicated surface.

This off road capability is obviously the reason most 4×4 drivers opt to buy one of these cars. It provides you with the opportunity to explore. There’s nothing more fun than revving up the engine and taking the kids on a bumpy ride through the woods. You won’t find many other cars that offer this type of exploration. Just remember to bring a couple of winches with you on the off chance you get stuck in the mud and you’ll be fine.

It Is Practical

You may be wondering how the ability to drive around the woods at your leisure is practical, but that’s not what this practicality refers to.

A 4×4 car can be driven anywhere. Therefore, you can use this as your everyday vehicle as well as for a leisurely drive. Use it to do the school run, go on holiday, or do the weekly food shopping. All that extra boot space makes storage a breeze with these off road cars.


The 4×4 option is becoming increasingly popular among casual drivers. While this may make you feel less self-conscious about owning one, this is not the reason that popularity is a positive aspect.

When more people own and look after a certain type of car, it makes finding spare parts for the vehicle easier. This means that you are less likely to find yourself in a position where you have to write off the car just because you have damaged a specific part. Therefore, a 4×4 off road car can last you a long time.

Environmentally Friendly

Of course, the driving factor for most people to shun these types of vehicles is because they are considered to be an environmental hazard. While this was true of the earlier models, things are improving for 4×4 cars.

As mentioned above, more and more people are choosing to own one of these cars, and that means they are going to last a long time. With the general public seeking for greener alternatives to fuel, it is more likely that the newer 4×4 vehicles are going to receive these eco-friendly updates over other cars. This is mostly due to the factory owners wanting to change the perception of their cars, but every little helps.


If you are on the hunt for a new car, think about all the points raised in this article and decide whether an off road vehicle is the type of car for your family.