Van maintenance is essential for businesses that rely on their van for work. By following a few simple tips, you can keep your van in good condition and avoid any costly repairs. 

Taking care of your van is important, but it’s not the only thing you need to do to protect yourself on the road. You also need to make sure you’re properly insured. Van insurance can help cover the cost of repairs if your van is damaged in an accident, and it can also provide protection if your van is stolen. At Insurance Factory, you can compare van insurance policies quickly, enabling you to choose the right one for your specific requirements.

In some cases, van insurance can even cover the cost of medical care if you’re injured in an accident. Whether you use your van for personal or business purposes, van insurance is an important part of keeping yourself safe on the road.

In this blog post, you will learn some of the top tips for looking after your van. Keep reading to find out more!

Make it a habit to do a van walkaround

Before setting out on any journey, it is essential to do a van walkaround. This involves inspecting the different parts of the van to ensure that everything is in good working order. The tires should be properly inflated and there should be no signs of wear or damage. The engine oil should be at the correct level and all of the fluid levels should be checked. 

Don’t forget to check the lights and signal indicators as well. Inspect whether the windows and mirrors are clean and free from cracks or chips. In short, the van should be in good condition before hitting the road. Nobody wants to end up having to send their van for scrap

Check your van’s tires

The tires on your van are one of the most important parts of the vehicle. They are what provide the traction and contact with the road surface, and they play a crucial role in steering and braking. As such, it is important to properly maintain your tires and to keep an eye out for any signs of wear or damage. 

The best way to do this is to regularly check the tire pressure and tread depth, and to have the tires rotated and balanced every few months. If you notice any unusual wear patterns, or if the tread depth becomes too low, it is time to replace the tires.

In order to ensure road safety, it is essential that tires are properly maintained. The legal minimum for tire tread is 1.6mm, but most experts recommend that tires have around 3mm of tread for optimal performance. Tires with less than 3mm of tread are more likely to skid on wet roads and are at a higher risk of punctures. Moreover, worn tires can negatively impact fuel economy and handling.

Perform routine maintenance

As any van owner knows, regular servicing is essential for keeping your vehicle roadworthy. The most important part of any service is an oil and filter change. This should be done at least every 10,000 miles, or once a year – whichever comes first. Not only will this help to keep your engine running smoothly, but it will also extend the life of your van. 

In addition to an oil and filter change, other important aspects of van servicing include checking the tire pressure and tread, as well as the brakes and suspension. By ensuring that your van is regularly serviced, you can avoid costly repairs in the future.

Don’t forget about the interior of your van. It should also be cleaned and maintained to keep you van a healthy place to be. This is particularly important when you spend a lot of time in your van. Moreover your van represents your business. Keep the interior in great condition with car mats from Mr Car Mats.

Invest in van security products

If you use your van for business purposes, it’s important to make sure you have the right insurance policy in place. While a personal van insurance policy may provide some coverage for business use, it’s generally not enough to fully protect your interests. 

A commercial van insurance policy will typically provide broader coverage, including protection for your equipment and tools. It’s important to shop around and compare policies to make sure you’re getting the best possible coverage for your needs. Investing in the right van insurance policy can give you peace of mind and protect your business interests in the event of an accident or other mishap.

While you’re at it, consider investing in van security products. Here are some you should rank high on your list:

Stoplock – Stoplocks are designed to prevent unauthorized entry into your vehicle, deterring would-be thieves and giving you peace of mind. There are a variety of stoplocks on the market, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. With a stoplock installed, you can rest assured that your van is secure, even when parked in a public place.

Van vault – A van vault is a safe that is designed to be installed in a van. They are typically made of steel and have a heavy-duty locking system. Van vaults provide a secure place to store valuables and keep them out of sight.

Dashcam – A dashcam is a camera that is mounted on the dashboard or windscreen of a vehicle. The purpose of a dashcam is to record the view through the windscreen as the vehicle is being driven. Dashcams have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they can provide valuable evidence in the event of an accident or incident.

Disklok – This device is designed to fit over the steering wheel, making it impossible for thieves to steer the van. In addition, the disklok is made from tough steel, meaning that it will take a thief several minutes to break through it. This provides a significant deterrent, as most thieves are looking for an easy target.

Keep your van clean

Any business owner knows that a well-maintained vehicle is essential to maintaining a professional image. A clean van sends the message that you take pride in your work and pay attention to detail. It also shows that you care about your customers and are willing to go the extra mile to provide them with the best possible service. 

In addition, a clean van helps to prevent problems like rust, which can cause expensive damage over time. By taking the time to keep your van clean, you can avoid these costly repairs and maintain a professional appearance for years to come.

Seek the right van insurance coverage for your needs

When it comes to van insurance, it’s important to make sure you have the right coverage for your needs. After all, your van is a valuable asset, and you want to make sure it’s properly protected in case of an accident. 

That’s where Insurance Factory can help. We specialize in comparing van insurance policies from different providers, so you can find the one that best meets your needs. And because we’re an independent company, you can be sure that our advice is impartial. So if you’re looking for the right van insurance coverage, be sure to check out Insurance Factory.