When buying performance exhausts, you have to decide whether it’s right for you. The first part of that, of course, comes in deciding whether you really can benefit from a performance exhaust at all. They do offer plenty of perks, but there are some disadvantages to consider, as well. Take the time to check out the list below to learn more about these exhaust systems and what they offer.

Pro: Added Performance

Upgrading to performance exhausts gives cars the chance to perform better. This is because the engine will get better airflow and the exhaust itself will have better circulation. This can increase power and speed and give your car that extra bit of muscle that you’ve been looking for.

Pro: It Sounds as Good as it Looks

Performance exhaust systems have that aggressive rumble that a lot of drivers love on their vehicles. While this typically only comes as a stock feature on high-end sports cars, it can add a lot of style to even the most basic models. Take your car from unassuming to intimidating with a simple exhaust upgrade.

Pro: Added Style

In addition to sounding great, these systems can add their own touch of style to your vehicle. Performance exhausts come in a variety of styles and finishes and can even be customised to your exact design if you desire. There is so much to choose from that it’s a great way to enhance the look of your car as much as its performance.

Con: More Fuel Usage

Lower fuel economy may not be a primary concern for those interested in modifying their cars, but it’s a big factor that needs to be considered. A performance exhaust is designed to maximise engine power, which means it will also need to maximise fuel usage. Most drivers don’t mind spending a little more on fuel for the performance benefits.

Con: May Void Some Manufacturer Warranties

Some carmakers will refuse to honour service warranties or recall notices once a vehicle has been modified outside of the OEM specifications. Be sure to check with the manufacturer of your vehicle regarding aftermarket modifications if this is something of concern to you.

All in all, performance exhausts deliver more perks than not for most people who want more power on the open road. However, it’s important to weigh both sides of the equation so that you can choose what is best for your needs.