What should I remember to pack for trailer holidays?

What should I remember to pack for trailer holidays?

If you're planning to go on holiday and use a trailer to carry your luggage or camping equipment, there are plenty of things you'll need to remember to take along with you – but a particularly important element to consider is trailer insurance.

Annoying as it may be to discover you've forgotten to bring some pans or toiletries; these are things that can easily be substituted at short notice if you're taking a break. Your trailer, however, might be more difficult to replace should something happen to it.

Having cover in place for the wheeled container can provide you with peace of mind that should it be damaged or stolen you could be protected financially from having to face a bill to replace the mobile unit.

So, while packing the essentials is important, organising cover and having your insurance documents handy is equally – if not more – important.

Why should I insure my trailer?

There are a whole host of benefits to making sure you insure your trailer – for example, in the unlikely event that your trailer is damaged, insurance for trailers can pay for the cost of sending it for repairs. And if it becomes completely unusable as a result of an insured incident, the cover in place will provide you with reasonable funds (up to a stated policy limit) to stay in alternative accommodation or to hire a similar trailer so you can continue with your holiday. And if you want to take your trailer on holiday to Europe, you can request up to 180 days of continental cover, giving you peace of mind while you're away.

With adequate financial protection in place, you could also find that you benefit from market value insurance that allows you to replace your trailer with another of the same age and type should it be written off.

There are numerous add-ons you might also like to consider, such as legal expenses cover, which may allow you to claim your uninsured losses from a negligent third party who caused an accident in which you were involved e.g. loss of earnings following personal injury.

How do I organise insurance for trailers?

As a leading specialist insurer for trailers, Shield Total Insurance can organise a policy for you that will cover all your needs for a fair price. Our business is regulated by the Financial Services Authority under Vantage Insurance Services Limited, so you can be certain we trade above board and your money will be safe should you give us your custom.

With more than ten years in the insurance business, you'll be in safe and experienced hands when you take out insurance for trailers with us.

To arrange cover you can obtain a quote by visiting our website or alternatively speak to one of our team on 01277 243 004 and request a call back.