What are trailer tents?

What are trailer tents?

As people seek more cost-effective ways to holiday, new types of accommodation have sprung up in a variety of forms, including trailer tents. This is a type of sleeping solution stowed in a trailer that can be pulled behind your vehicle and set up when you reach your destination, typically providing more comfort and protection than a traditional tent but being less cumbersome than a caravan.

Also known as pop-up tourers, trailer tents are an affordable and convenient alternative to other types of accommodation, as you can take them with you on holiday without having to pay over the odds to stay in a hotel or to rent a static or mobile home.

The lightweight products are easy to tow and fuel-efficient, as well as being compact enough to store in a domestic garage during periods when not in use.

If you enjoy camping breaks, you could find this type of accommodation makes your time outdoors more comfortable – all that's required is adequate trailer tent insurance and you'll soon be on the road and heading towards your holiday destination.

What are the benefits of trailer tent insurance?

If you decide to invest in a trailer tent, taking out cover to protect the product can provide you with peace of mind that should it be damaged, you won't lose out financially. Trailer tent insurance policies can also help if your tent becomes unusable and you need alternative accommodation or a replacement.

Taking out insurance for the product might also protect you should you be affected by theft of either the trailer tent or your belongings from inside.

If your trailer tent or folding camper is up to five years old you can benefit from new for old cover, and you won't have to pay an excess following theft if you have approved security devices fitted to the product.

And if you don't make a claim for a number of consecutive years, you can also take advantage of a no-claims bonus, saving you money over the long term.

Meanwhile, if you should cause injury to a third party or damage their property while using the product you can benefit from legal representation as part of your cover, while you could also add optional features like protection for the keys to your trailer.

How can I organise insurance for my trailer tent?

Insurance for trailer tents is a specialised product, so for the best service come to Shield Total Insurance. A specialist in the field, we have over ten years' experience organising insurance policies and insure a wide range of models by both British and continental brands.

We aim to provide our customers with excellent service and affordable insurance, which is why we can offer responsible owners up to 60 per cent discount on their premiums. A trading name of Vantage Insurance Services Limited, Shield Total Insurance is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

If you'd like to arrange cover for your trailer tent or simply find out more about our products, visit our website for a quote or call us on 01277 243 004 and request a call back.