Victory faired cruisers – the ultimate in comfort

Victory faired cruisers – the ultimate in comfort

An American brand of motorcycles that has been in production since 1998, Victory has quickly become a favourite among serious bikers around the world.

Today, the company offers a wide range of cruisers and tourers, famous for their sleek lines, comfortable rides and powerful engines.

One of the most popular features of the Victory line is the high-quality fairing. This outer shell has been meticulously designed to not only make the bikes look fantastic and have excellent aerodynamics, but also to ensure the rider's comfort and safety.

Here at P&H Motorcycles, a Victory dealer based in Crawley, we offer a broad range of excellent new and used faired cruisers for you to choose from.

Our team is passionate about motorcycles and we are on-hand to answer any questions that you may have. We can even arrange demos so you can experience the Victory range for yourself before purchase.

Why choose faired cruisers?

Fairing is a feature commonly found on sports bikes and racing motorcycles, as its primary purpose is to reduce air drag.

It comprises a shell that's placed on the outside frame of the motorbike. This covers up the engine, forcing air to smoothly flow around the sides of the bike, rather than passing through all of the mechanical parts.

In many cases, the fairing also includes a windscreen, which causes air to go around the rider for further streamlining.

Depending on the motorbike in question, there may be different amounts of fairing used. Most standard bikes are either quarter, half or fully faired.

Meanwhile, more unusual options include streamliner faring, which is used on bikes for setting land speed records, and dolphin fairing – where the front mudguard is connected to the windscreen.

For cruisers and touring bikes, such as the Victory Cross Country motorcycle, full fairing is used to provide aerodynamics and stability, as well as safety and comfort for the rider – all of which make the journey dramatically more enjoyable, especially on long trips.

With reduced air resistance, the bike can go faster and will use less fuel. And thanks to the air being forced around the rider, they will be less susceptible to being hit by airborne objects, such as insects and small stones.

In addition, fairing generally means a warmer journey for motorcyclists – helping to reduce fatigue, as well as illnesses during the cold and wet seasons.

Fairing also provides an opportunity to improve the aesthetics of a motorbike. Manufacturers such as Victory use the fairing to create unique and attractive motorcycles that are sure to get their bikes noticed.

Design features such as striking colour combinations and sleek details are just some of the ways that fairing can be used to create an unforgettable vehicle. Faired motorcycles may also look larger and more luxurious than other options, which may be an additional selling point to some motorbikers.

In many cases, such as with the Victory Vision tour motorcycle, fairing also provides additional storage space, as well as a comfortable seat for a second rider.

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