Victory Cruisers: The next generation of American motorbikes

Victory Cruisers: The next generation of American motorbikes

Friday, 16 September 2011 8:22 AM

Victory cruisers: Speedy and agile

Victory cruisers: Speedy and agile

Victory Cruisers are the next generation in American motorcycles, with the range providing the speed, agility and comfort required of a long-distance vehicle.

Since its inception in 1998, Victory motorcycle sales have soared, with the firm competing with the heavyweight of American cruiser bikes – Harley Davidson.

Anyone looking to don their motorbike clothing and hit the open road should find a product in the Victory Cruiser range to cater for their tastes.

Boasting a 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin engine, each Cruiser vehicle is built for power and torque, with a muscular aesthetic that oozes authority.

Those primarily looking for an open-road vehicle should consider the Victory Kingpin, which has an appearance that makes it look custom-made.

With an inverted front fork, the vehicle sends rigidity forward, making it handle turns easily, while full floorboard feet spaces make the rider feel as grounded as the bike itself.

The Kingpin's signature look is provided by long flared fenders that give a classic design a modern twist for the 21st century.

Motorbike fans will also enjoy the six-speed overdrive transmission, which does an excellent job of collecting the raw power produced by the V-Twin engine and distributing it for a fluid ride.

If you are looking for a sleek, affordable model that screams style, the Vegas 8-Ball is a bike that will not disappoint.

Comfort is provided through rearward placed foot controls, while the pulled-back handlebars ensure you feel in control of the vehicle at all times.

The Vegas 8-Ball is a low rider, with a 25.2-inch seat height that complements the low-profile nature of the bike.

What makes this vehicle instantly recognisable are its blacked out pipes and headlight combined with black stingray wheels, providing a dark, streamlined appearance that will attract the attention of other road users.

If price is of no concern and you are looking for a bike that has unique quality, the Victory Jackpot should be high up on your shopping list.

With custom-inspired paint and a detailed colour-matched frame and headlight, the Jackpot is a sight to behold.

The motorcycle has a 250 mm rear tyre that can stick to all terrains, while lending the bike an aggressive appearance and no-nonsense style.

This is matched by the custom 21-inch anvil billet front wheel, giving the rider maximum grip and a cruising experience that is unforgettable.

For true American muscle, the Victory Hammer is the pinnacle of modern engineering, providing an excellent ride both in town and on the open road.

Like the Jackpot, the Hammer has a 250 mm rear tyre that can handle anything the road can throw at it, regardless of the riding conditions.

This is reinforced by dual disc brakes with 300 mm floating rotors equipped with four-piston calipers for stopping power that is difficult to match.

Combine this with an inverted cartridge telescopic fork and you have a bike that has excellent handling, sure-fire braking capabilities and exciting performance.

The Hammer also comes with a removable passenger cowl, meaning you can take the covering off and buddy up for your journey.

Aesthetically, the bike gives off a racing car vibe, with a red wheel stripe lending the custom tyres an easily recognisable high-end performance appearance.

The Hammer also comes in an 8-Ball design, with blacked out pipes and headlight for riders who prefer a dark, brooding vehicle.