Uncover the beauty of Italy on a driving holiday

Uncover the beauty of Italy on a driving holiday

Thursday, 20 October 2011 10:16 AM

Take in Italy's beauty on a driving holiday

Take in Italy's beauty on a driving holiday

Italy is a fantastic destination for a driving holiday and by travelling through the Mediterranean country you'll get to experience beautiful landscapes, historic culture and sample fabulous food. Amazing motoring trips can be had throughout the entire country but one journey you may particularly want to make is the trip from Lake Garda to Pompeii.

Travelling through Italy from north to south, the distance between the two places is around 475 miles. Although it is possible to drive straight from one destination to the other in the space of a single day, doing so means you'll miss out on much of what this fascinating country has to offer. For this reason alone, why not take a caravan away with you? That way you'll have the freedom to travel at a pace that suits you, although it is worth first spending time seeking out caravan insurance quotes to be sure your leisure vehicle and possessions will be covered in the event of an accident.

You should definitely spend some time soaking up all that Lake Garda has to offer. Situated at the foot of the Alps, this is the largest body of water in Italy so it ought to be little surprise that it is a popular destination for native and international tourists.

Lake Garda is especially fantastic if you're keen to get active. Sailing and hiking are just two of the many pursuits you can get involved in while soaking up the amazing alpine scenery, while you can also go fishing all year round and spend time having fun at the nearby theme parks.

However, there is much more to see in Italy than just Lake Garda, so after a few days here why not pack up your bags and get back on the road?

Perhaps one of the best ways to experience an Italian driving holiday is by taking a caravan with you. As your accommodation will be towed behind your vehicle, you'll have flexibility over where you travel and how long you stay there. However, you should definitely take out caravan insurance online so you'll be protected throughout the duration of your trip.

With this in place, after leaving Lake Garda you may want to make Verona your next port of call.

Situated around 18 miles from the lake, this charming city is bound to be a highlight of any Italian driving holiday and here you can see splendid Roman and medieval architecture, including the Verona Arena – a Roman amphitheatre that was built some 2,000 years ago. Other sights include the Renaissance-era San Giorgio church and the city's cathedral, which dates back to the sixth century.

Carry on your journey southwards, taking in the splendid Amalfi Coast, and you'll eventually arrive at Naples. One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, this certainly is a historic destination and here you'll be able to take in Greek and Roman ruins, as well as sample authentic Italian pizza – the dish was first created in the city in the 19th century.

From here you will only be a short distance from Pompeii – the final destination on your trip.

This ancient city was buried under ash following an eruption of the nearby Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD; however, much of it has been preserved since that time and by exploring what is now the largest archaeological site in Europe you'll be able to get a fascinating insight into early Roman life.

With so many fantastic sights to see, a driving holiday through Italy is sure to be an experience that you will never forget.