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Basic checks could help you to avoid a breakdown

How to prepare your car for a driving holiday

A driving holiday is a great way to make the most of your time off work, as it will give you the opportunity to visit a variety of places and take in some tranquil rural views along the way. You are sure to have designed a route for your break, but that is not the only preparation you need to do.

Doing up a classic car is hugely satisfying

Top tips for buying a used car to restore

Buying a used vehicle and restoring it to its former glory is one of the most satisfying things a car lover can do. Not only could it save you money, it will also improve your skills as a mechanic and encourage you to learn all sorts of useful things about engines.

Tips for keeping your car in good condition

Top 5 tips for car and tyre maintenance

Cars are complex machines and keeping them in good condition can seem an equally intricate affair. However, by following our top five tips, you can make sure that your vehicle stays as smooth-running as possible.

Tips for buying new tyres

What to think about when shopping for new tyres

If the time has come for you to buy new tyres, you'll find there are a number of things that should be taken into consideration. As well as shopping around for the best deal, you need to make sure you are getting the right tyres for your vehicle.

Snow tyres are useful in winter

Make sure your car tyres are ready for winter

With winter fast approaching, many drivers will be thinking about how best to prepare their vehicle to cope with the changing elements. There are numerous parts of an automobile that will require special attention during the colder months, not least of which are car tyres.

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