Travel in style: Victory Arlen Ness cruisers

Travel in style: Victory Arlen Ness cruisers

If you're looking for a motorcycle that offers the ultimate in power, style and handling, then Victory Arlen Ness cruisers could be the ideal option.

Founded in America in 1998, the Victory motorcycles brand emerged from Polaris Industries – a company previously known for its ATVs and snowmobiles.

In less than 15 years, the company has grown to become a world renowned motorcycle manufacturer, winning awards and standing out as a favourite option of dedicated bikers, as well as collectors and celebrities.

Today, Victory manufactures a wide range of cruising and touring bikes. This includes the Ness Signature series – a collection of limited edition bikes each custom designed and carefully crafted by a skilled member of the Ness family: Arlen Ness, his son Cory or his grandson Zach.

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Customisations by Arlen Ness

Arlen Ness started customising choppers from his home garage in California. In the 1970s, as the popularity of his projects grew, he moved his workshop to a professional garage and never looked back.

Through the years, Ness gained a reputation for his fabulously detailed paintwork and unique custom parts – and the business became a family pursuit.

In the early 2000s, the company moved again to a larger facility, which included a museum featuring many of the finest Ness designs. A parts catalogue was also launched, allowing items to be distributed to an even wider audience.

During this time, Arlen Ness was also asked to put his distinctive touch on the range of Victory custom motorcycles and the Ness Signature series was born.

This collection of limited edition masterpieces features the gorgeous detailing that Arlen Ness has become so famous for.

In addition, the bikes provide the excellent power and comfortable ride that you would expect from such high-quality machines.

The latest Arlen Ness cruiser is a fully faired beauty with black paint, custom graphics and a sparkling chrome finish. It's powered by a 106-cubic inch Freedom V-Twin engine.

The performance is further enhanced with four-valve overhead cams, six-speed overdrive and the new Victory transmission. In addition, the bike offers up to 97 horse power and 113 foot-pounds of torque.

All of this combined means that the Victory Arlen Ness cruisers are not just powerful motorbikes with amazing acceleration and handling, but also incredibly attractive vehicles that you'll simply love to ride.

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Here at P&H Motorcycles – a victory dealer based in Crawley in the south-east of England – we offer a wide range of new and used cruisers, as well as sports bikes and scooters.

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