Top 3 luxury motorhomes for the ultimate holiday

Top 3 luxury motorhomes for the ultimate holiday

Saturday, 23 June 2012 4:32 PM

Seek out a luxury motorhome for your break

Seek out a luxury motorhome for your break

If you want a really luxurious holiday, you're sure to be looking for a motorhome that is equally chic. Although sourcing suitable vehicles shouldn't be too hard – there are a range of companies making fantastic models – you may struggle deciding on which particular one you would like to drive the most.

Of course, there are many things that may influence your decision about what model to buy – be it the motorhome insurance quote that you get or you want something that can sleep a large family comfortably – and it's important you don't rush unnecessarily to get a vehicle that turns out to be unsuitable for your needs.

To be sure you choose the motorhome that enables you to have a luxurious break, you need to look carefully at their individual features. Opt for any of the following vehicles and you ought to find you not only have a high-performance ride, but also something that enables you to relax and enjoy fabulous getaways.

Auto-Trail Arapaho

Established more than 25 years ago, Auto-Trail has been at the forefront of the UK luxury motorhome market and over the years has produced a vast range of vehicles that are perfect for driving holidays.

While there are several models under the Auto-Trail banner to choose from, opt for the 2011 Arapaho, which forms part of the Frontier range, and you should have everything you need for a relaxing break. Powered by a 3 litre diesel engine, the motorhome has a wide selection of amenities, including a TV aerial and microwave, while alloy wheels, cruise control and central heating all come as standard.

Capable of sleeping six people, the motorhome's front lounge converts into a double bed, while there is another double bed situated above the cab. The rear lounge also has a two-person sleeping area, which can be configured as either a pair of single beds or one double, making it perfect for family getaways.

RS Evolution

If you want a vehicle that can transport groups in ease, RS Motorhomes' Evolution model is well worth considering. This diesel-powered vehicle can sleep up to seven people so it will not only offer a powerful ride but also ensures everyone using it can relax in luxury.

With leather seating, stitched rugs, an upholstered ceiling and walls running throughout the motorhome, once you've parked the vehicle you can put your feet up and relax just like you would do at home.

The wealth of kitchen features, meanwhile, include a 175 litre fridge-freezer and gas oven, so you've got everything you need to cook up great meals in the comfort of your motorhome, as opposed to having to eat out all the time.

Thor Daybreak 3370

The Thor Daybreak 3370 is another great motorhome in which to enjoy a luxury break and, with its leather interior and cherry cabinets, you can certainly have comfortable quarters to relax in.

Capable of sleeping up to six people, the 6.8 litre vehicle also includes an electric awning and rear camera, the latter of which can assist you when parking. There is also a 32 inch television and a CD player, so everyone can be kept entertained on even the longest journeys. Of course though, you should make the effort to spend at least a little time outside of your motorhome during your break to get some fresh air.