The SEMA Show 2010 – wild wheels

The SEMA Show 2010 – wild wheels

The TotallyMotor Verdict


This might be becoming a bit of a problem – this little 'thing' I have about wheels. But I just can't resist it. No matter how amazing the car I'm looking at, be it the new Citroen DS3 DSport or a one-off slice of custom madness, I'm just irresistibly drawn to the wheels tucked innocently under the arches.

When normal people are standing on their own two feet, taking in the automotive vista in front of them, I'm usually to be found on my knees, prodding around with my camera lens in search of the ultimate angle to capture my circular prey.

I've had my fair share of 'tuts' and perplexed looks as I grope around the rubber-wrapped jewels, but I don't care. Truth is, like a good pair of shoes on a first date, wheels are super-important to any car, be it a new supermini or a big-dollar supercar. So, against my doctor's best advice, here's a round-up of all the big, gorgeous, chrome, alloy and steel to be found at the feet of our fabulous SEMA show cars.