The doors are open to the 2012 Autosport International racecar show at Birmingham's NEC. Here's our quickfire show report of what to look out for…

Autosport International 2012… is go!

Friday, 13 January 2012 5:20 PM

Toyota Supra

Death by Supra! Under the honeys is one of the fastest, widest, most all-round vicious Supra's on Earth!

It’s that time of year again, folks, the traditional kickoff to the UK car show season – for those that like it a little wider, wilder, racier and faster – is upon us once again. If it’s cold outside and there’s still a bit of a new year’s eve hangover in the air, then it’s time to hit the NEC, Birmingham, for the Autosport International show.

The show runs until this Sunday (15th January) and you can buy your tickets at, which start at £30 including entry to the Live Action Arena. Not too expensive then, until you factor in several expensive burgers and a couple of refreshing beers!

So what’s there to see? Well, we’ve had a nose around the show already and can confirm that there is indeed the usual stack of every kind of racer, old and new, track to rally, as well as plenty of motorsport-inspired products to tease your Chrimbo-battered wallet out of its hiding place.

Highlights for us included a bigger and better than ever Live Action Arena, an inspirational tribute to Ayrton Senna, with many of his karts and racecars – including the (pictured) McLaren from his famous victory at the 1988 Donington GP.

The incredible 850bhp Lola-Drayson all-electric Le Mans prototype that’s said to crack 200mph with battery power alone, makes its silent and deadly debut, and there’s also a cracking TVR tribute for those that like the intoxicating combination of V8s, lightweight fibreglass and zero traction control. Oh, and probably the widest, fastest most sideways-est Toyota Supra drift car in the world! Lovely stuff.

So, it’s Autosport International business as usual then; the perfect petrol-powered start to any petrolhead’s car show season.

Senna's famous McLaren

Ford Fiesta WRC 

Old school WRC

AMG rock the house 

Live Action Arena drifting goodness

Pics: Mike Fryatt 

By Daniel Anslow 

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