That’s the fittest classic cars, bikes and planes that you’ll ever see together anywhere in the world, at the Goodwood Revival. And they scorch them around the track, too!

Revival of the fittest


Tuesday, 18 September 2012 11:06 AM

Tatra T603

Tatra T603. I never even knew these beasts from the Czech Republic existed until I saw one at the Goodwood Revival. And wait until you see the exhaust pipes on this thing


The Goodwood Revival is the auto-show for those that like to live in a groovy, Castrol R-stinky and classically-engineered past. A past where men are men – and race temperamental, vicious machines around a wet and greasy Goodwood racetrack – and where the ladies dress all fine and dandy. And race, too.

Dressing up is a must – and not just a green afro and a pair of Wiggins chops – and the vibe is fantastic with period tunes, cars, bikes, planes, people and smells wafting around the Goodwood estate over this (mostly) sunny mid-September weekend. It’s not a cheap show to get into, but the detail and splendour make it worth every penny. That’s why it sells out every year.

Here are some of my pics from my Friday down at the show, where the rain came in fits and starts, but didn’t stop some of the finest, rarest, most downright sexy cars and bikes taking to the track for a damn good thrashing at the hands of deranged enthusiasts. I’m a little deaf – they didn’t do silencers back in the good ol’ days – but I’m very happy still. Maybe a little high from the generous plumes of sweet-smelling Castrol R smoke…

I told you! And yes, it did sound like the end of the world!

GT40 and Cortina – two of the very finest Ford racing and rally shapes

Gordon ‘Flash’ Sheddon swapped his 2012 BTCC Honda Civic for some classic fun 

Drop-dead gorgeous, by BMW 

Muscle, by Ford

Classic Tranny van. And not a man dressed as a lady in sight 

The Goodwood Revival is dripping in the finest of patina 

Waiting and waiting, as the rain falls harder

This flat-twin BMW sounded racy-edged on the track. More howler than thumper, oddly enough

Simply, gorgeous

One for all you fabrication freaks out there

Wayne Gardner – 1987 500cc Motorcycle World Champion. Those leathers look fresh, Wayne 

The Bluebird uber-boat. It has a massive Rolls-Royce engine in it. A whole rugby team could ski behind this sea monster 

The Douglas DC-2. Probably the most iconic plane ever made 

And to finish. A look into the September sky up the aluminium-clad wing of the glamorous old bird. Metallic poetry in motion is what the Goodwood Revival is all about  

A huge thank you to the Ford team for their fantastic hospitality.

Words & pics: Daniel Anslow

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