Tent insurance from Shield Total Insurance

Tent insurance from Shield Total Insurance

Camping remains one of the most popular choices for family holidays and if you are among the millions of Britons who enjoy this type of break, you may well want to invest in tent insurance.

Among the main reasons people opt for camping holidays is that they represent excellent value for money, as once you have bought some good equipment, it will last for years.

If you have splashed out on a high-quality tent for your getaways under canvas, it makes sense to ensure it is protected by a relevant insurance policy.

Here at Shield Total Insurance, we specialise in supplying cover to the outdoor leisure sector and have a range of policies that could help give you peace of mind.

What do tent insurance policies cover?

As the name suggests, tent insurance policies are designed to provide cover for people who go camping.

We understand that a good tent can represent a significant investment, particularly if you opt for a large multi-room model suitable for the whole family.

Having that tent stolen or damaged beyond repair due to unforeseen circumstances, such as fire, vandalism, storm, flood or an accident, can be a real financial loss.

Choose to take out a policy with Shield Total Insurance and you could cover the value of your tent for as little as £31.80. And if you are unfortunate enough to have it stolen, you will not need to pay an excess.

But your policy will be far broader than just the canvas itself. You will also be covered for loss of or damage to poles and pegs, as well as any attachments or awnings.

And should you be hit by a holiday-ruining event such as a fire or flood, you may (if you have extended your policy cover to include camping equipment and personal effects), be able to claim for any other camping equipment lost, including sleeping bags, furniture, portable stoves and fridges, gas bottles, generators and security devices.

You and your family will also be covered for the loss of luggage, audio equipment and general household goods you had taken on holiday with you.

Policies generally include breaks taken in the UK and Europe, but if you are planning on heading overseas, check that you will be insured for those trips before you take out cover.

What happens if you have to claim on your tent insurance?

Should you be unlucky enough to have to make a claim while you are on holiday, you will be able to deal with UK-based staff, even if the incident has taken place overseas.

And our insurance for tents has provision for an emergency situation in which you have lost your accommodation to theft or any other insured risk.

The policies include cover for reasonable hotel accommodation in the short term up to a stated policy limit, so that you can find somewhere to stay overnight without having to worry about the financial implications.

We will also contribute towards the hire of a similar tent to the one damaged, stolen or destroyed, so that you can continue with your holiday as planned.

Why choose Shield Total Insurance for tent insurance?

We are a specialist intermediary with extensive experience in helping leisure customers find the best deals on caravan, motorhome and tent insurance.

Our staff are committed to making sure you understand everything before you sign up to a policy and will discuss the terms in plain English, avoiding the terminology that can make insurance sound so complicated.

To find out more about our tent insurance policies, visit the Shield Total Insurance website to get a quote or request a call back from one of our advisers.