Skoda set to launch Rapid Spaceback

Skoda set to launch Rapid Spaceback

Thursday, 3 October 2013 3:44 PM

Skoda Rapid Spaceback set for January 2014 UK launch.

Skoda Rapid Spaceback set for January 2014 UK launch.

Okay, so it might not be the most glamorous car out there, but many motorists will be waiting patiently for the release of the all new Skoda Rapid Spaceback.

It definitely sounds thrilling – whose attention won't be turned by the words 'Rapid' and 'Space' – but it certainly won't go from 0-60mph in 0.465 seconds, or achieve inter-stellar travel.

However, what it will provide families with is a comfortable car featuring excellent legroom, headroom and boot space of 415 litres.

The new design does seem awfully familiar, with a shape like the love-child of the 2002 Skoda Fabia and the new Ford Focus. However, it looks good without being lavish or trying to be something it most certainly is not.

Customers could also benefit from a number of personalised features, based on the preferences of the one with the credit card.

This could see a panoramic glass roof selected or perhaps elongated tailgate glass, while three petrol engines and two diesel engines are also available to provide the power.

For those with an eye on the environment, a GreenLine version is set to be introduced. This particular model will produce just 99g/km, which will prove to be a benefit to the planet and the wallet in the long-term.

Skoda's reputation for delivering excellent vehicles has grown in recent years and the new Rapid Spaceback is set to build on this.

Available from around £14,000, and coming with alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, curtain airbags and air-conditioning, it would be foolish not to consider the car for your next purchase.