Renault is Europe's greenest car brand

Renault is Europe's greenest car brand

Tuesday, 8 October 2013 9:30 AM

Renault Zoe further boosts Renault's eco-credentials

Renault Zoe further boosts the manufacturer's eco-credentials

Renault now has an extensive range of low-emission models to its name, with a large amount of its new car releases being under the European eco-restrictions. This, as well as its newly-launched full-electric Zoe car, has made the French manufacturer the greenest vehicle brand on the continent.

The company has made significant steps over the past few years to make sure its brand works its way up the efficiency ladder. This has put Renault in a strong position against its rivals, as the majority of its new models are under the important 100g/km European threshold.

Combine this with the fact that the brand has shown a 10g improvement on its average CO2 emission levels per kilometre, and you can see why Renault has been named as the most eco-friendly brand in Europe and is making it the brand to beat.

Cars under the Renault name have, on average, 115.9g/km of CO2 emissions per vehicle, which has helped the company mark itself out from its competitors. The firm also has a comprehensive range of low-emission models under its belt, rather than just one or two token cars. Renault also offers customers a variety of options as its models range from crossover SUVs to attractive, electric superminis.

The brand has three flagships which are helping to position the company as one of the market leaders in this area, across the world. The Renault Clio, Captur and Zoe are three recent releases which all have low-emissionsand all include the manufacturer's new front-end design – which is easily recognisable by its larger badge.

Renault's Clio and Captur models have become prime examples which show off the company's new design language and are testaments to how effective the new design is for modern cars. Both models show how Renault can pack low-emitting engines inside a svelte and attractive body. For example, the brand new Clio is fitted with a 1.5-litre diesel engine that emits just 83g/km.

However, these are not all that Renault has in this area as the Twingo, Clio, Captur, Megane and Sandero, are all low-emission vehicles. This is without mentioning the Renault Zoe which was launched this year as the firm's first full-electric model.